Baller Wolf, Joe Anderson, Has Come A Long Way From Hell

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.23.20 PMyou know i love a “feel good” story.
i’m a sucker for a good “comeback” story too.
so i have written about baller wolf,
joe anderson,
many times before.
we were introduced to him via a scandal on baller alert.
i always thought he was extremely handsome as well.
throughout the years,
this texan wolf has been trying to find a home team.
he got dropped for a while and i could tell it crushed his spirit.
during that time,
he also ended up having another cub with is wife.
joe happens to be straight.
well he still remained to update us of his progress on ig.
he worked his bawdy like crazy to get drafted again.
i always watched and cheered him on via lurk mode.
as only a good fox does.
he was hungry and when an animal is hungry,
you can tell by their determination and focus to win.
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.55.48 PMwell joe has now been drafted to the ny jets.
all that hard work and sacrifice finally paid off.
this is the recent updates of “big papa p” joe anderson..

tumblr_n9ejgbLo3n1qjqxmoo1_r2_500first of all,
i have always loved his “fox swagg”.
i also own that ripped grey shirt he has on too.
good taste joe.
here are a few videos of joe i found also interesting:


F9rNnIYi will keep this christianly.
lord jesus ima try.
it’s easter sunday.

anyway i am happy for his recent “win” and i hope for many more.
congrats joe!

lowkey: i watch many from lurk mode.
i might not be in the comments or dms,
but a fox is always lurking in the shadows.
you’re inspiring all of us to never give up after a fall.
keep climbing.

pictures and videos credited: joe anderson

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Joe Anderson, Has Come A Long Way From Hell”

  1. Fine as hell, I think he even has Bechkam beat. Yup, he does. Joe does not only look good, but he has a lot of sex appeal, it is a difference. I wish him the best.

  2. Sorry, he’s phine and all but that jesus nonsense he has splattered all over his Instagram is a turn off. Plus he has a photo with the religious bigot Tim Tebow. I have no doubt in my mind that people like him are not welcoming to people like me and the viewers of the website. But if he still does it for ya, then more power to you. I just happen to be on a no homophobe diet.

    1. ^we don’t know that yet.
      don’t place a label until something happens.
      half of the industry/people in our real life could also be homophobes.
      he maybe splattering jesus because he fell on hard times and that was his only way to find hope.
      plus it all started,
      from the outside looking in,
      when that scandal dropped with that side hoe.
      after that it was:

      “i love my life,
      i love jesus,
      i’m in church because i love my wife and jesus…”

      i don’t know,
      but i won’t assume until i’m given proof he is a homophobe.

      1. It’s hilarious how no one on the this page has an issue with ASSUMING that every man that is posted here is secretly gay with no evidence other than hearsay and gossip, but assuming a Christian is a homophobe, now that’s just too far. smh

    2. Seems to me that “Jesus nonsense” brought him a long way.

      Michael Sam should be taking notes.

      He is a nice dude btw, and I’ve seen him in different gyms almost everyday.

  3. Yessssss I remember Joe! And that pic of him and that big package in those gray shorts/pants! I wish u would have reposted it!! N

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