I Have A Date With Rihanna Tonight

i-heart-love-tumblr-857_largeas much as i go through things,
i am extremely blessed.
it also helps when others know you have a good heart as well.
as much as it’s been broken,
i still mend it back and stay optimistic.
i like to keep things a secret until they work out.
that is just how i am.
i’m not like the rest who like to brag and create all kinds of attention.
a good fox knows when to strike.
i sit with my blessing and just wait until the right time.
one of my dear friends,
by the name of “pose”,
blessed me with something great for the both of us.
we both have a date with rihanna tonight…

i will be in attendance at the rihanna “anti” concert tonight

she happened to snag tickets and invited me.
i’ve known about this for a few weeks now.
pose is on the come up in her fashion career as well.
she could have asked anyone in her life to go,
but she chose me.
we both have gone through it and bonded over our struggles.
i’ve known this vixen for 10+ years now.
we met through someone else,
who is not in our lives anymore,
but we both stuck like glue to each other.
i am extremely grateful to have greats in my life.
no ratchets.
well besides mi.
from the foxhole to my real life,
i couldn’t ask for more love and support.
so i’ll definitely post about it tomorrow.

i hope everyone has a great easter sunday!

oh and for all those who lurk:


lowkey: i hope i can meet rihanna tonight.
when i say that would make my year?

Author: jamari fox

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