Rihanna Does Jamari Fox For 3 Good Hours

IMG_1170that is just an idea how close i was.

last night,
the rihanna concert at barclays center in brooklawn was…
i have no words.
well i have plenty to say,
but i’m still trying to organize my notes.
it was absolutely…
like i just…
you know what?
let’s just get into it.
you have some time?
this might run a little long

i was sooooooooooo hype yesterday.
i was bathed,
marinated in smell goods,
dressed in my best fox swagg,
and was out the door on time.
jamari fox is usually late,
but i’ll make exceptions for money and rihanna.
2hyasrtwhen i get to the train,
they gonna tell me all the trains into brooklawn were delayed.

“oh black Jesus.
please surround me in my time of need.”

i ended up having to do all this UN-neccassary transferring.
it looked like i was going to be late to meet “pose”.
God must have been with me,
since he been working with me heavy,
because i got there on time.
7pm as promised.

whyyyyyy was it was cold as hell yesterday?
of course,
i was wearing next to nothing underneath my light jacket.
clearly i ASSumed it was summer.
i had to wait for pose,
but the line to get in was starting to get longer.
every inch of the new yawk to jerz #navy was getting into formation.
once pose arrived,
we went to another entrance behind the building,
it was away from the madness and we got in much faster.
once we got in,
she wanted to see our seats first.
i wanted something to eat and a “drank”.
i didn’t want any stomach issues tonight.
we agreed to see the seats first and then get food after.
when we get in there,
being that was my first time in barclays,
they tell us walk all the way down to the front.


at first,
we got a screw face from security.
as soon as they saw our tickets,
the whole demeanor changed.
you know the seats are serious when we have to escorted to them.
why were we like…
front row.
in the front.
audience behind us; stage in the front of us.

meet gate.”


that was what was in front of us.
i have never sat so close at a concert before.
i was going to be that close to the stage…
…and to see rihanna?


we go get food,
which came up to 21 dollars,
and we ate in the lobby.
the #navy has some beautiful animals.
everyone came dressed to impress.
go #navy!
the opening dj was pretty good.
  i thought the bass was gonna deafen me.
“formation” sounds amazing in a arena.
i’ll allow it.

travis scott opened.
IMG_1143i can’t say i know any of his music.
the snow bunnies loved him tho.
i ain’t never seen so many snow bunnies dancing to trap music.
on beat!
his stage set up was also interesting.
it was cactus,
terminator head,
and other random shit.

i know.
after a while of not knowing what the hell i was listening to,
i got up to go get my “drank”.

why only two bartenders and a long ass line?
i was so scared i’d miss rihanna’s opening.
again: god had me because once i got my drink,
a oj and vodka for 14 bucks,
rihanna came on about 15 minutes later.


so rihanna started her set behind us.
she opened with “stay/like the way you lie”.

“is she going to be performing behind us?????
what is the point of the stage?”

excuse my inner thoughts.
i have blonde fur at times.
she got on this contraption that brought her over the audience.
she sung “woo/sex with me” which lead into “birthday cake”.


skin flawless.
bawdy flawless.
i nearly cried.
take my scalp rihanna!
take it and add it to your collection!
giphyshe performed a mixture of her “unapologetic era” hits:

“pour it up/numb”

then seguwayed into:

“bitch better have my money”

after she gets into songs from “anti”:

“goodnight gotham”

she goes into her “featured/past hits”:

“live ya life”
“run this town”
“all the lights”

the audience reacted well.
she didn’t need a hype man.
we were the hype men.
she was this one vixen army on that stage.
after came the “loud/rated r” era.
her male dancers came out and killed a reggae instrumental.

she came out after in a large cloak to sing “man down/rude boy”.

as this was happening,
i swear rihanna and i were having this eye contact moment.
we would look at each other and she would break it.
come over to the foxhole rih!
come right on over!


“work” was next.
the audience lost their minds.

i also lost my mind.
bits of my mind are still at barclays.
i’m not even kidding.
the set changed into this whole “rainbow/lsd trip“ situation.
the backdrop looked like a hurricane warning from the weather channel.
this is when she performed the “house version” to “take care”.
these two male dancers came out,
she vogued with them,
and then they had this vogue-off that lasted a good 5 minutes or so.

she performed my all time favorite song,
“where have you been”,
and broke down the choreography and everything.
one thing i noticed is rihanna sung live the entire time.
there goes everyone’s theory that she lip syncs her performances.

after she got into other songs from anti.
the set became different this time.
it was a backdrop with soap suds falling from it.
i was confused.
“diamonds” was the song choice.
i guess the soap was to represent diamonds?
bajan voodoo?
was that to clean the stage later?


i don’t exactly know and didn’t ask questions.

we all sung along to “four five seconds”.
she finished off her concert with two more songs from “anti”.
  “love on the brain” and “kiss it better”.

as she was saying goodbye to the audience,
she looked directly at me and waved.

tumblr_inline_n9ce48ULLe1sbp9wwi think i passed out.
i’m not sure.
i’ll ask pose what happened during those moments the world stopped.
i was so turnt out,
i tweeted this out of thirst:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.26.58 PM
no answer.

rihanna did an amazing job.
she brought energy and vocals with this tour era.
she made me proud to be in her #navy.
here is  buffet of photos for the foxhole to enjoy:

oh peep my notes:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.40.43 PM

a fox always cums prepared to “work”.


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17 thoughts on “Rihanna Does Jamari Fox For 3 Good Hours”

  1. Yes!! I was at Nicki’s concert last year so I feel you about the face to face perfection. These women look pretty online but they are GORGEOUS in person. Like the type of gorgeous that would steal the attention in a crowded room. I wish I got front row seats for the Anti tour as well but I’m just excited about seeing her nonetheless. I have golden circle tickets to Bey so that’s where I’ll finally get that front row experience. You best know I will be capturing every moment just like you did lol!

  2. This is DOPE J! I’m glad you had a blast and that you weren’t disappointed. Who knew you were a light-caramel fox? #yum #handmodel LOL!

  3. I love this Woman! I’m also loving this ANTI era as well ! The album is a hit and the concert looks like a blast to be at. Thank you so much for this update J glad you had a good time!😃😃😃😃

    1. ^i really love her.
      i reallllllllly wanted to meet her too.
      next time.
      i listened to the album today and it was like after seeing her,
      i was hearing shit i never saw before.
      she truly had fun on that stage last night.

  4. I know you had a great time having some of that star treatment. Damn it that’s what’s I want this blog to be able to do for you ( I know that’s not why you do it, but still I would love for some more perks like that to come your way).

    I’m glad you had a good time and from your review it seems like I need to take back my words on her half assing live performances.

  5. Glad you had a great time J. You deserved a night out. Gotta remember sometimes God will send you a ray of light so you can forget about your darkness for a bit. Sounds like a night to definitely remember. Also good to finally get a detailed report on her concert. I’ve heard she puts on one heck of a show.

    1. ^im so glad everyone read my write up!
      i really wanted to put the videos so you guys could see it!

      that night out made me feel like i was actually working and doing what i love.
      i wasn’t an admin anymore.
      i was a professional blogger who was in the know and gets invited to big events for review.
      that is my dream aj!

  6. I hate that people say she can’t sing when she is one of the only acts around who sings her shows live. I think she has a beautiful voice. I am happy you had a good time!

    1. ^you are right!
      her voice is beautiful.
      i refuse to get into Stan wars about Rihanna now.
      ive seen her live and i was highly impressed.
      no need to argue with any for shit.

  7. Yayy, finally, something fun for you! 😀
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Jamari. 🙂 Try and do some more outings if you can (hell I need to take my own advice, I need a little something too!)

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