Everyone Meets Rihanna But Me

tumblr_o2k3fvOSjv1rsbazvo1_540okay so i’m mad.
you ask?
well it might sound silly,
but i really wanted to meet rihanna that day of ( x her concert ).
i may have fainted,
but at least i would have been in her presence.
just being escorted out by a medical team.
anyway this clip is what happens when you go backstage to meet her
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No One Told Me There Woulda Been A Maxwell

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.10.08 PMso why ain’t no one tell me thhhhhhhaaaaaattttt…
i was sitting next to maxwell last night?
the r&b legend,
was siting next to me.
i remember this moment clearly via his instagram
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Rihanna Does Jamari Fox For 3 Good Hours

IMG_1170that is just an idea how close i was.

last night,
the rihanna concert at barclays center in brooklawn was…
i have no words.
well i have plenty to say,
but i’m still trying to organize my notes.
it was absolutely…
like i just…
you know what?
let’s just get into it.
you have some time?
this might run a little long
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