Anti Lemonade

antilemonadeone thing i love about beyonce and rihanna,
during these eras of theirs,
is that they went completely outside the box.
that is art.
that is creativity.
that is taking a stand against what everyone thinks you should be doing.
they both released albums that don’t have huge radio hits.
they are all over the place on first listen.
their albums are very personal for them…

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I Have A Date With Rihanna Tonight

i-heart-love-tumblr-857_largeas much as i go through things,
i am extremely blessed.
it also helps when others know you have a good heart as well.
as much as it’s been broken,
i still mend it back and stay optimistic.
i like to keep things a secret until they work out.
that is just how i am.
i’m not like the rest who like to brag and create all kinds of attention.
a good fox knows when to strike.
i sit with my blessing and just wait until the right time.
one of my dear friends,
by the name of “pose”,
blessed me with something great for the both of us.
we both have a date with rihanna tonight…
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Rihanna Does It Again (and Again and Again)

23445669273_bfc7c4062b_brihanna is back on top yet again.
she already told you that rihanna reign don’t let up.
“anti” is #1 for the second time this week.
i have a feeling the tour is helping in sales.
…i thought they said she would flop?
…or that she shouldn’t go against adele?
it’s okay pookie.
she’ll take her foot off their necks one day.

lowkey: i really love the underdog that is rihanna.

read more: billboard

Is Someone Trying To Sabotage Rihanna?

tumblr_nvxdzcVYB31rgpevwo1_1280with the messy release of #anti,
am i the only one thinking that rihanna’s album was sabotaged?
i been thinkin’ about this for a while
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Rihanna Drags Back


everyone has been talking about rihanna’s new release,
my opinion it?
i love it.
i’m actually listening to it now.
sidebar:same ol mistakes” and “love on the brain“.

well its different from her usual.
some wanted more bangs and bops.
its definitely not radio friendly.
no “big singles” like her past work.
she decided to go in a totally different direction.


just how i like it.”
its not for everyone.
its “rated r: the mature version”.
i mean isn’t that what being an artist is?
well anti has gone platinum since its release.
( x entertainment weekly )
there was a lot of controversy with how she achieved it.
like jay’s “magna carta holy grail” release,
samsung bought 1 million copies of her album.
(she actually sold 400k without samsung)
many thought she cheated.
so when billboard posted this…
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Rihanna Finally Let The Balloon Fly

CZknUtIUcAMJb80how fuckin’ fly does she look in this picture?
you know the headphones sold out?
they were d&g and went for 8 stacks.
well it has finally happened!
after a long wait,
rihanna is about to release her album “anti”.
the navy rejoices!
i had a feeling it was coming tho.
my foxy senses kept buzzing.
well the first single is called “work”,
it features drake,
and well…

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