Is Someone Trying To Sabotage Rihanna?

tumblr_nvxdzcVYB31rgpevwo1_1280with the messy release of #anti,
am i the only one thinking that rihanna’s album was sabotaged?
i been thinkin’ about this for a while

so it gets leaked by “accident”,
which then forces her to give it away for free on tidal.
that was my first issue.
the second issue is why is their no official music video until next week?
there should already be a video on constant rotation.
rihanna is a visual artist.
there are no visuals to speak of.
why did it take so long to release the album?

wasn’t #anti supposed to be produced by ye?
what happened with that?
bey comes out with a first single with no issues.
J3UgKJ6whats REALLY good?
my foxy senses are telling me there is a lot of shit happening bts.
i really wish rihanna didn’t sign her soul over to tidal.
i <3 bey and jay with a passion,
and i have all their music in my collection,
but you won’t tell me they aren’t ruthless with how they do business.
i could be wrong tho.
i’m down for my ignorance to be corrected.

lowkey: at least she will be ( x number 1 ) next week as well.
she seems to be in good spirits via ellen:

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Is Someone Trying To Sabotage Rihanna?”

  1. I don’t think anything shady happened, I just think that they didn’t have faith in Rihanna’s sales like they do Beyoncé. I love “Anti” but I don’t like the whole Samsung, platinum situation. It should’ve been planned better.

      1. @Jamari, I think she should’ve had a better song instead of WORK after those room videos were done. Get the Navy excited again with a video too, then dropped it by surprise. The excitement wore down after a while.

  2. From my understanding of the situation, the album was supposed to start streaming on January 27th after Work came out. Exclusively on TIDAL. The album was going to be given away for free with the codes anyway because those were the albums that Samsung purchased.

    No sabotage. The album was delayed because she was trying to find a #1 hit. She should have released with FourFive Seconds or BBHMM. They did not flop, per se.

    And Rihanna is not a visual artist. She is a trend hopping artist. Unfortunately for her, this go around, there was no trend to hop on. And we end up with a album with only three good songs.

    1. Rihanna IS a visual artist. Her whole career has been a modeling look book. Beyonce is a trend artist. She jumps on whatever trend is current, or whoever she is inspired by to steal from, to fuel her career. They are both trend hoppers.

  3. I would have to agree with Pattywat in that I don’t think there was any shady behavior. I don’t believe that they had faith in the album because it ventured so far from what is “expected” of friendly/radio ready music. I think when a company doesn’t believe in the product they will “give it away” which is what they did with this disc. Truth be told, they should’ve done the same with Beyonce’s last disc that she released on iTunes. LOL

  4. Remember Kanye was supposed to executive produce it and then Travis Scott worked with her on it.

    I think Rihanna was probably fighting for more control and straying from the formula that’s been set up for her and the label finally said fuck it and released her shit. Wtf secures a million downloads?! 500k maybe but 1 million? She gave that album away like a welfare check.

    She only has two hits on that album if she promotes it really hard and the fact everyone can name the same two singles speaks about how good the entire album is.

  5. The CD is really good overall, it just doesn’t have radio friendly hits that Rihanna is know for. Rihanna will still make a lot of money off of this album. Samsung buying millions of dollars of the CD and sponsoring her entire world tour, Rihanna is sitting pretty good and she took control of the type of music she wanted on this album. The next album will be a break or make album where the pressure will be on like “crazy.” Rihanna is know for making top 10 hits and number 1’s. Also, she needs to get out of her deal with Tidal and make a better deal with Itunes. Look at Drake and Taylor Swift….this is the “A” team, Tidal….the “D” list. Just saying!!

  6. I do feel this whole R8 era has been a complete mess. It all started when she moved to Roc Nation from Def Jam. She never had any issues securing number one singles before the label switch. Hopefully things will be better the next go around.

  7. I think that it was actually smart of her to have Samsung buy 1 million copies and give them away. This album wouldn’t have had much momentum considering that it was supposed to come out almost a year ago and none of the singles are “immediate” hits per se. The whole campaign was just sloppy and not thought out well. But the album is good and I think it reflects her personality more than any of her previous albums.

  8. I just think fans are trying to make it seem like Rihanna and Beyoncé are at war. Rihanna has been one of the most financially successful stars, besides Kanye and Neyo, that came out of Jay-Z Def jam era. Rihanna will sale as always I applaud Anti it’s a maturer version of Rihanna I think Rihanna is multi layered I’m glad she’s doing her thing because I was tired of the regular pop music she’s been doing. But it’s simple she’s an employee for Jay-Z who is married to Beyoncé, Beyoncé isn’t stupid she’s not going to hinder Rihanna success and take away money from Jay-Z pocket. Besides Beyoncé and Rihanna cater to two totally different demographics. I just wish the fans can stop placing them against each other and embrace their individual careers respectively

  9. Beyonce’s management team >>> Rihanna’s management team.

    If you look at Beyonce’s work ethic, everything is very calculated and contrived. I wouldn’t say Rihanna is spontaneous because she’s not either, but her team plan out her gimmicks and she just plays the puppet. And this is from a business standpoint. The way Beyonce kept that album a secret and then surprised the world shows that her team are very hands on. Plus, Rihanna doesn’t come across as an artist who is all about her music. She does a lot of stuff like partying and acting up on social media. She looks like she’s just there for the ride. So I’m not surprised that this happened. Beyonce’s team is very good but she looks like she is very involved with what goes on with her brand. And no I’m not saying Bey makes all her decisions because I’m sure she doesn’t. I’m just saying she seems more conscious about her public image than Rihanna does.

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