What “F’d Completely Stupid” Tends To Look Like

tumblr_lolicc4yOh1qe0ijfo1_400^this is what happens to some after getting good pipe.
you know what i’m talking about foxes.
you don’t be thinkin’ straight.
if your eyes didn’t roll in the back of your head or you neighbors think you getting murdered

the way he moves his hips when he is diggin’ inside.
the way he toots his tail up,
and then contracts it when he is thrusts inside

the way he passionately strokes when he is going slow

the way he knows when to pound hard,
but knows when to keep it solid

justin slayer is the epitome of having “the fucked stupid” stroke.
he be fuckin’ these vixens like he love em.
this clip is one reason why…

(nsfw and 18^)

his tail>>>>>>>>

giphy-2this is why i don’t do “pipe” pictures.
i would rather see your sex tape.
fuck around and get:

a big lazy dick
a rabbit humper

if you can’t throw pipe in a hole like this:

tumblr_n21ebz5FE41sy7uzvo2_250 tumblr_n21ebz5FE41sy7uzvo3_250 tumblr_n21ebz5FE41sy7uzvo4_250 tumblr_n21ebz5FE41sy7uzvo5_250 tumblr_n21ebz5FE41sy7uzvo6_250

….then you maybe wasting our time.
you see how he contracts his tail muscles?
that turns me all the way on.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

What makes a good stroke?

lowkey: i feel every wolf,
straight or gay,
needs to study justin slayer videos.


15 thoughts on “What “F’d Completely Stupid” Tends To Look Like

  1. There are two guys that are the epitome of “fuckin’ you stupid” and they are The Chosen One & Xavier Thicc. Watch those two in action and you will understand.

  2. I’ve had that face she’s giving in the video, it’s one of sexual satisfaction lol.
    I can’t really say what makes a good stroke for other foxes and vixens because we’re all different and like different things.

    For me I don’t really like to be jacked hammered, I like for my wolf to take his time and have a little style while doing it. Simply going back and forth is not enough to for me he needs to be intuitive and sense what I’m feeling. Rhythm and varying speeds also play a big part, once I’m comfortable then you can try the crazy sexual moves but in the beginning I like it steady.

    1. ^im completely with you.
      it’s all about sensing what your partner likes.
      you can’t just dive in and start pounding.
      a good strokes requires knowing your partner from outside the bedroom.
      intuitive people can pick up faster.

  3. Damn he be puttin in that hard work, damn a 9 to 5 for him lol. You go boi! I wonder how many times he has been treated to Red Lobster tho? If he hasn’t, he will soon thanks to Bey lol.

  4. Not to sound fetishizing but this is one of the reason why I love dark chocolate men. If anyone ever been with a dark chocolate wolf then you know what I’m talking about. Idk what is it, but they know how to give it good, plus given the fact that they are dominating too

    1. What you described sounds just like the stereotype that BBC lovers admire.. That prison-like sex

  5. The way his booty clinches up and then relaxes, his rhythm, and his ability to control the stroke without losing control.

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