hayden monteleone teaches you how to hump better

hayden monteleone isn’t cute to me,
but i found this pic of him incredibly hot.
the ig foxhole did too when i posted it a while back.
something about the pose,
his hair,
and the thigh/side cheek action did it for me.
well i know some of the foxhole finds him to be hot af.
he shared how to perfect your stroke with a medicine ball…
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What “F’d Completely Stupid” Tends To Look Like

tumblr_lolicc4yOh1qe0ijfo1_400^this is what happens to some after getting good pipe.
you know what i’m talking about foxes.
you don’t be thinkin’ straight.
if your eyes didn’t roll in the back of your head or you neighbors think you getting murdered

the way he moves his hips when he is diggin’ inside.
the way he toots his tail up,
and then contracts it when he is thrusts inside

the way he passionately strokes when he is going slow

the way he knows when to pound hard,
but knows when to keep it solid

justin slayer is the epitome of having “the fucked stupid” stroke.
he be fuckin’ these vixens like he love em.
this clip is one reason why…

(nsfw and 18^)

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f0XXX: You Ain’t Live Until You Sex A Jamaican (2)

tumblr_mmm8z8rZms1rk8hq4o1_500he looks like a wolf i use to be cool with
i thought it was him for a second.
fucked a few vixens.
i heard the pipe had them in pure agony.
jamaicans tend to do that.
they start talkin in the accent…
“well look i’m already naked!
it’s “foxxx” time for hump day.
this is definitely NSFW...
…unless you go to the bathroom for a quick beat off…

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foXXX: “Uhhhhhh Do Me Baby!”

presenti come with a gift.
an early hump day special.
today has been an… interesting day.
one that has been filled with a migraine and mess.
light foxhole updates today,
but i did get you something nice to look at…

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The Pre-Baller Wolf Stars In “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”

pre baller wolf for lsu,
russell shepard,


may have a problem.
a big problem.
see it was lsu’s “exhibition of talent” day and he had to run the 40 yard dash.
before he ran,
one of the commentators made a huge discovery

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