f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Cum On Or Across Rio Before?

ive been meaning to take a trip to rio,
but i wanted to know more first.
well not that rio,
but this one

he is so fuckin’ sexy to me.
ever since i saw him in his first foXXX on DP…

i will say that he doesn’t take pipe well.
seems like they told him to do it in this one:


he looked so bored until it was time to lay his pipe down.
the way how he kisses with those lips of his tho…

does he have a twitter?
is he a complete turn off in real life?
does his dick curve to the left?
because i’ll go right
who knows what?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Cum On Or Across Rio Before?”

  1. Nice Video, was at a party a couple of years back and Blacque was the entertainment, was shocked to see him doing porn, but not surprised, he is man of few words but he doesnt mind showing you what he is working with.

    1. Not bad at all. Curved dicks be hitting spots that some can’t. As long as your dick doesn’t look like a T,L, or a semicircle than you’re okay.

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