f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Cum On Or Across Rio Before?

ive been meaning to take a trip to rio,
but i wanted to know more first.
well not that rio,
but this one

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foXXX: The Wolf Who Is Really A “Foxx”.

Everyone meet Shawn Foxx:

His last name may be Foxx…
but trust and believe, he is all Wolf.
Shawn has only been in one other foXXX next to the one below,
but I am definitely looking forward to more of his work…

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foXXX: The Wolf We Never Saw Again


Don’t you hate when you watch a foXXX,
see a sexy ass Wolf,
he fucks some Fox into oblivion,
and then he went there too?

Well, this Wolf below needs to be on the F-BI list.

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Jamari Fox Does Dawgpound?

(((knocks on door)))

“Hello?” I answer.
“Hi. I’m Snake from Big Wolf Dick Plumbing. I’m here to lay some pipe.”
“Oh my God, my pipes have been so backed up!”
“I know. That is why I am here.”

I let him in and bend over to open up the cabinet.

“It’s down there…” I say, still bent over.
“Hold on, let me get my tools because I have to go in real deep.”


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foXXX: You’re The KING (3.4/4)

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In A Flash


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