Jamari Fox Does Dawgpound?

(((knocks on door)))

“Hello?” I answer.
“Hi. I’m Snake from Big Wolf Dick Plumbing. I’m here to lay some pipe.”
“Oh my God, my pipes have been so backed up!”
“I know. That is why I am here.”

I let him in and bend over to open up the cabinet.

“It’s down there…” I say, still bent over.
“Hold on, let me get my tools because I have to go in real deep.”


I got a VERY interesting DM last night.
One from a porno star and I was flattered.
Funny enough, I just watched a scene with him earlier that day evening too…

I was asked to be in porno last night.
Now I was asked before to be an escort.
I considered it because they get PAID.
But, to be in a porno?
I had to pass.
Even though I loved flirting with said porno star, that would NOT be a good look for my brand.

I like the sex talk, but I have come to be an inspiration to many Foxes and even Wolves.
It would be hustling backwards to strip down and have my brains fucked out for the world to see.
I’m not knocking anyone who does/doing it… but I’m a different kind of Fox.


I’m sure one of my Foxes would love to take my place.
But, word to the wise…


Don’t get up in front of the cameras and embarrass me!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Does Dawgpound?”

  1. I’ve been approached to do porn. I thought about it long and hard (no pun) and came really close to doing it. This was when I was in college. Peoples used to come to our college parties recruiting. A few accepted, mostly girls. One of my boys accepted as well. He did a few. All of which I still have on vhs, yes VHS.lol. He never regreted it. The money was actually decent. Especially if you were young and liked to have sex. Honestly I kinda wish I had done it. I was an athelete. My body was in peak condition. I’d love to have that immortalized on film, or atleast sum nude pictures. It wasn’t like it is now with the cam phone, everyone has nude pics. This was the late 90s. Oh well…Only thing that prevented me was my fam. I come from a big, nosey, mainly female family. Me doing porn would have gotten out and I never would have heard the end of it.smh…damn I hate those bitches.lol…seriously tho I do…

  2. I’ve been asked to do pictures (stills) and escort before – back in the day. I considered the escorting thing because I liked sex anyway (and it was more private), but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I ain’t mad at those that do – it just can’t be me…

    I could make some private videos of you, Jamari, if you want though 😉

  3. I met Mr. Marcus on a flight a few yrs back and he was pretty damn cool (Gave me his # and everything and YES, it still works.) He said the biz had changed from when he first came up but insisted everything was cool and there is still money to be made. But another nascant porn star said that’s not true. Salaries have dropped, companies are cheaper and it’s a lot more harder than you think. Good choice Jabari.

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