Are U Ready For Some Baller Wolves?!

Preseason I know…

But the Wolves are back. 

I have been waiting to see some meat on a field for a while.
Big arms, fat legs, and juicy tails.
All the tackling and testosterone… whew.
I am so glad they are back.
Me and the Foxes missed you all.


 Daddies are back home!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Are U Ready For Some Baller Wolves?!”

  1. jamari you know im ready for some football. after all the blogs have these delicious pics of these ballers to! plus im a fan da WHO DAT nation gettin ready to roll..S/N does some one have some pics of sue???

  2. Hallejuhah for the dark sweet chocolate that is Dez Bryant, I am making a point to meet this young man this year if I got to post up in his favorite mall at foot locker. I so love this time of year to turn to Sportscenter and the NFL network to see these practice session in those shorts, damn all that sweat and muscle gets me right together in the morning. Go Cowboys!!!!!

  3. Dez is some kinda sexy. He can melt in my mouth and on my hands anyday. I had the chance to go to the bucs practice session and i was in awe. They look so much better in person. They were stretching showing ass, abs and legs. Had to keep my composure they had me wanting to jump out there on that field lol

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