Christian Keyes Is Alright

That he is…
Are we still on Christian Keyes though?


Song is cool.

He is trapped in a box and doesn’t really have a personality.
We know him as a good looking light skinned Wolf who starred in a few Madea productions.
Nothing really pops out at me when I see him (well besides his chest).
He is fine, has a nice body, and I’m sure on a nice starry night would be interesting in bed…

…. but as far as hearing him sing, I’ll pass.
He doesn’t know what he wants.
One minute, he is a sex pot.
Next, he is gospel.
Now, he is alright.
All equals to BOX.

The whole time I was watching that flick,
I was waiting to see him with his shirt off.
That’s bad I know but it’s the truth.
Let’s be honest: we all were. 

you are a good actor and should focus on becoming a urban leading man.
Few action flicks or a few romantic comedies.
Maybe do a stage play or three.
Acting is your strong suit.
Sorry baby…

The Foxhole was excited for you in Zane Sex Chronicles…
… but like all Madea’s boys, you lost it somewhere.
I’m sure me or one of my Foxes can help you find it again.


Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Christian Keyes Is Alright”

  1. I remember when this darkskin dude who had also worked for Tyler Perry got outed by his boyfriend, Christian from outta no where tweeted something like Don’t put me in his category. I was turned off from than on. Hope christian has fun at those jamie foxx DL parties, heard those were off the hook

  2. I live Cali and I work in the entertainment industry (mostly in casting) trust me when I say that Mr. Keyes is very below average when it comes to black acting talent, and I agree with the other writer no black actor male for female have benefited at the box office or in other acting jobs working for Tyler Perry. Don’t get me wrong many of them just end up working for Tyler either on his television shows or his films but none ever gain any long lasting acting jobs outside of that. Unlike black actors back in the day who worked for Tim Story, Spike Lee, or John Singleton to name a few black film makers. If Mr. Keyes pictures were to come across my desk or if I were to see any of his acting reels I would place them immediately in file box 13.

  3. Thanks for the response and Lance is another example of an average brother who got a shot to be in the movie and on TV. Chances are if you saw him on the street you would probably not give him a double take. Lance voice for me is too annoying to listen for an extended time. I am not tying to take anything away from him, but when you work in casting you see beautiful people everyday when what you really want to see is talent and bank -ability . I been in on casting session for most of the black actors being employed in Hollywood. When I say black actors I am not talking about the A listers such as: Denzel, Samuel L, Morgan Freeman, etc because they never have to audition, and in most cases films roles are written with them in mind. I am talking about Actors like Michael Jai White, Lance Gross, Shemar Moore, ETC. They are usually very plain looking no more that the average brother you way see on the baskeball court, in the gym or at the mall. I think what strikes me the most about the actors I have met is if they are really grounded and humble aside from having talent. For example Lammand Rucker really can act, as well as Rockmond Dunbar to name a few

    1. ^with many of them, it is the smokes and mirrors that gets us.
      They are built up by pr, blogs, and other things to make us think they are the next big thing.
      They work out to blind us with pecs and abs – same like women with limited talent.
      How many female artists lack talent… but you can recall your favorite picture of them?

      All those male actors all seem humble, which is good,
      Nothing is worst than a rude individual with limited talent.

      I wrote that piece above on Mr. Keys and I could see where he was going to get stuck.
      Once he started singing r/b, being all the way naked in Zane… and now is singing feel good music, I knew it was a matter of time.

      Terrell Carter is also in the same box and he had a nice sex scene in Zane.

  4. You are so right and again I am not trying to take away or hate on any brothers in Hollywood or anywhere else in general. You are so correct about the smoking mirrors because for most of these D-List actors/singers/models are broke living from pay check to pay check or from hustle to hustle. If you surprise you how many actors who you see have long running sitcoms are actually broke many having problems just paying their basic utility bills. Many gay bloggers and bloggers in general will build these kats up for whatever reason making we the general public very thirsty for an illusion. The fascination with Keys by many gay brothers I never really understood because yes he is attractive but he just seems to be very ordinary for brothers who live in LA. Don’t get me wrong I like looking at a tight set of pecs, and a muscular body but trust me these kats are very worried about how they are going to pay their rent or how to stop their expensive cars from being repo like the rest of us lol. On a side note there was one actor how I used to be a huge fan of because of the body of his work. One day I had the opportunity of meeting him for a casting related issue, and this brother was so funky in his presentation that I immediately quit supporting his work, and let me say this brother used to be a well known TV Dr. ;-O lol

  5. I came looking for this song because I heard it while watching a movie, looked to find the next airing of the movie just to hear the song, and finally came across the artist and the song together now. Obviously, the song moves me and I’m not even religious- just interested in positive soul strengthening music.

    The song was written by someone with talent, it was sung by someone with talent, and whether or not the ways their talent is channeled in a manner that appeals to you should depend on individual tastes, and even then your opinion can be delivered with class.

    Obviously, the song moves me. I think others who bash the song came looking for it not because of the song itself, like I did, but because of how they felt about the artist and his history (As if you wouldn’t take a job as an actor because of the Producer).This is just a bunch of prejudice and hating. Wouldn’t your time be better spent producing whatever you feel is lacking in the artists you criticize?

    When I was in high-school I was critical of Tyler Perry’s work, I wanted to see more “normal” portrayals of AA’s. But, I wasn’t blind..

    .I knew it was storytelling, I knew it was art, and I knew it had a language of it’s own and that to create those things and hit an innovative brand new mark in doing so takes talent…If you have a different preference for how you want art to look, why not create it yourself instead of going overboard and getting personal with the criticisms of creators and even those who make the “mistake” of working with them to get ahead in their careers? Anyways, still love the song. And, God bless Keyes and Tyler Perry for having to put up with such unwarranted hate in the process of creating their art and using their creative voices.

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