I Had Gay Sex… and I Can’t Remember a Thing (Halp!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.28.55 PMwell this story is rather…
everyone meet yuaf mack.
he is a professional boxer wolf who found himself in a little scandal.
he says he wasn’t in his right mind when he appeared in a porn video.
no this doesn’t involve any jackals or cameras hidden behind a teddy bear.
this wolf claims he was drugged when he did a video for dawgpoundusa.
i can see the look on your face now.
well a couple f-bi’s (and a vix-bi) want us to read this via the grio
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foXXX: The Wolf Who Is Really A “Foxx”.

Everyone meet Shawn Foxx:

His last name may be Foxx…
but trust and believe, he is all Wolf.
Shawn has only been in one other foXXX next to the one below,
but I am definitely looking forward to more of his work…

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Jamari Fox Does Dawgpound?

(((knocks on door)))

“Hello?” I answer.
“Hi. I’m Snake from Big Wolf Dick Plumbing. I’m here to lay some pipe.”
“Oh my God, my pipes have been so backed up!”
“I know. That is why I am here.”

I let him in and bend over to open up the cabinet.

“It’s down there…” I say, still bent over.
“Hold on, let me get my tools because I have to go in real deep.”


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Jiffy Pop

I was lurking over @ my guilty pleasure, DG Source

(sends a shout out)

when I came across a sight for sore eyes.

… and sore eyes cause I was damn near about to cry.

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