MEAT: Celebrity Edition (213)

….or should i be telling that to him?

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “MEAT: Celebrity Edition (213)”

  1. id tell him that. i think frank ocean is sexy AF i liked him since last year i want him to do me now. then let me do him. lol ^__^

    1. You think so? Hm… I didn’t really peg her as that type. I wonder if he’d pull a Kid Cudi and get herself a Becky. Or in this case… a Billy.

      To me, if he wasn’t famous, I doubt he’d be anyone’s sexy. In the looks department, she’s all kinds of regular.

      1. Couldn’t think of any good “white” names. I was like a Cole? A Jacob? A Connor? A Dylan? A Lucas?…. they didn’t really seem to be the opposite of a Becky.

      2. You can go back to a post on here from when he did that photo shoot with Fader where just about everyone was on the fence about him looks-wise.

        Now that he has status and he’s “open-minded” about messing with dudes he’s irresistible and deep. Lol

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he liked “Billy’s”. You usually can’t spot that type until they’re obvious about their preference.

      3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers how no one was really on him like that. He’s not fine. It’s the fame people are attracted to. I mean it helps that he closed his gap but even still, he’s mediocre at best in the looks department.

        With regards to the Billy’s, I didn’t really think he’s that type of Hipster. Usually its the HBCU avoiding, theatre junkies, rock climbing, Subaru Outback types who are easiest to spot. Maybe he is and is waiting for his Billy or Duncan or Jim or Tom…Matter of fact, why do we assume Forest Gump was about a black man?

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