hey rio! the alleged #metoo claims are getting out of control

*the following story is extremely alleged.
so we just had good font over “red pants” rio last weekend.
( x see him at the protests )
well as soon as he went viral,
the accusations of sexual assault started flying as well.
foxholers far and wide sent me the following tweet
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“red pants” down at the atl protests is someone we know

i love a full circle moment.
so if you been part of the foxhole for a while,
you might already know who ^that is in the red pants.
folks on twitter wanted to know who he is after a foxholer sent me this video:

well he was (is?) part of a crew that the foxhole is familiar with
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They Are Trying To Break Gabby Douglas

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.06.41 PMi don’t like what is happening with gabby douglas.
this poor gymast vixen has been through way too much in her young life.
she went to rio to compete in the olympics and it has been nothing but drama.
you go in her twitter mentions and it’s even more confusion.
i don’t get it.
unfortunately in the olympics,
she didn’t make it anything further like her teammates,
but she did address all of the social media criticisms she has been facing.
well this is more of the story via the washington post
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Best Meat Adjustment: The 2016 Olympics


so i’ve been watching the ’16 olympics.
i don’t know if you are,
but i’m definitely tuned in.
so um…
i’m trying to figure out when did i miss this…
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Simone Biles Is Just “Her”; Not Reppin’ Black Tho

164887this was the story i was posting before that “contact(mi)” story.
so everyone meet simone biles.
she’s a 19 year old gymnast vixen,
who has won 14x worlds medalist,
currently performing at the 2016 olympic games,
and some of “our folks” have a problem with her.
well it started when she admitted she was a huge kim kardashian stan.
you know that was strike one.
word got to kim and she sent love to simone like so…
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f0x Asks: Has Anyone Ever Cum On Or Across Rio Before?

ive been meaning to take a trip to rio,
but i wanted to know more first.
well not that rio,
but this one

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