hey rio! the alleged #metoo claims are getting out of control

*the following story is extremely alleged.
so we just had good font over “red pants” rio last weekend.
( x see him at the protests )
well as soon as he went viral,
the accusations of sexual assault started flying as well.
foxholers far and wide sent me the following tweet

so wait…
she fucked him and didn’t want it,
but then kept on fuckin him every time they hung out?
in all this fuckin’,
he ended up giving her chlamydia?

i saw this conversation under the comments:

these #metoo tho:


these alleged stories show he has a problem with “no”.
he seems like the alleged type who has no game and has to manipulate for pussy.
if the vixens are saying no,
there is no reason to keep trying to fingering her.
ima need vixens to start getting up and leaving if they’re uncomfortable too.
there is no reason to be saying “no” multiple times,
but still hanging out.
fuck that.

“Look I’m feeling uncomfortable and Ima need you to back TF up.”

i’m mouthy so i’ll say it out loud,
but i know when it’s time to collect my shit and bounce before it gets real shifty.
even if you have to fake a situation,
it’s better to leave instead of dealing with some wack jackal’s nonsense.
regardless tho,
protesting won’t save rio’s ass if these accusations are true.


17 thoughts on “hey rio! the alleged #metoo claims are getting out of control

  1. 1deep2020 sounds like a fvckboy. He’ll act like he’s moved on so you get jealous and give him what he wants.

  2. I really dont know how to take this after reading what happened, it does not sound like he forcibly rape them unless it is something that I am missing, it was more pressure I guess you should say but why would you stay if you feel uncomfortable. It has been to much information given especially to young girls about having control over there bodies. Granted he is still a man and they could have felt frighten to turn him down but on most college campuses if you are in a dorm room or an apartment you can remove yourself loudly from this type of situation. This dude is attractive and I wonder if some of these girls are upset at falling for his lies and charm thinking they were going to be the one, and the chick who kept going back and now wants to play the victim, no sir no maam not today. Parents are still failing our young people by not informing them about real sex talk, when you dont think enough of yourself to insist that a man wears a condom especially if you dont know anything about his sexual history, it speaks to me why STD rates are still so high among young people even when there is so much more information out here now than when I was teen. If you cant navigate using protection you may not be ready for sexual relations. Also there are two sides to every story and I am not going to label this dude a rapist off of one sided accounts.

  3. The way y’all preach about Black lives matter, but are quick to silence black women because y’all think this nigga is cute, really speaks volumes about overall character.

    1. It’s speaks volumes about their character that they would continue to hang out with an “alleged” rapist. Im sorry if the stories aren’t believable. one girl said she was coerced not forced and penetration didn’t even happen in the second story. So where is the rape?

  4. Maybe its just me but frankly it takes TWO to tango. I watched the Jeffrey Epstein do-cu on Netflix and watched the #MeToo movement and now this…and whilst not all of the circumstances are the same MOST of them are similar- the girl’s complaint is that somehow she was “FORCED’ or ‘COERCED” to do what the guy wanted to do, often she was at HIS mercy.

    So he held a GUN to your fucking head?
    NOOOOO..I don’t buy that sad song

    I’m sorry but call me heartless but these girls HAD a choice and MOST of them made the wrong decision and got fucked..WHY? BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET FUCKED AS WELL

    If you invite a man to you apartment , and in her case its a virile, sex hungry stud and he starts to do whatever and YOU find it inappropriate then you have 2 choices-
    1. TELL HIM TO GET THE FUCK OUT and don’t fuck with him again or

    There are no other options. So fuck the bitch calling out Rio and Fuck Rio for using his little head as his negotiator. Keep driving in the same lane bruh, some white bitch will soon haul your ass over the coal.

    1. My problem is it happening once and continuing to hang out with him. Did you think he’d become a gentleman? So my issue is not coercion but repeatedly placing yourself in harm’s way because you’re desperate.

  5. Prime example. Y’all out here protesting black live matter and but only true care about non when racism is involved. The guy is a rapist and known std transmitter.

  6. I actually believe it, primarily because these girls are young, and you would be surprised how many women and even young men remain close to their abusers. Now the STD he allegedly gave her makes this even worse.

  7. I have to agree with the above. There’s something off about this story. If he did it once without her wanting it…why continue to hang out smh.
    I feel because of the current climate some girls will take advantage of the #metoo movement.
    Maybe to get back at a dude or something.
    It’s just my opinion, so don’t come after me lol.
    He is a very goodlooking dude, he could get pussy or ass anytime…Just saying!

  8. Nothing about those stories are Me Too worthy! It seems like both of those women could’ve just got up & left. I’m Team Rio on this one!

  9. Sorry but the store IRS don’t sound right and I’m not just about to hop on this #metoo era. You mean to me they all were “coerced” but chose to still lay there and hang out with him.

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