they did not have to do iyanna dior like this

while we are fighting for justice for george floyd,
breonna taylor,
and ahmed aubrey,
there was another story that disturbed me.
it was from iyanna dior.
she is a trans vixen who was viciously assaulted for a fender bender.
the following video is extremely graphic

30 males to beat her down and i’m left saying wtf?!
was it so hard to call the insurance company and let them deal with it?
there are conflicting stories being presented in this case.

my question is how did they know she was trans?
if i saw her on the street,
i wouldn’t have assumed she was trans.
she is gorgeous.

now this goes down another rabbit hole of jackals putting their hands on vixens.
regardless of what the outcome is with iyanna,
there is no reason she deserved to be beaten like that.

the day after the incident,
she put out a video to update everyone:

i hope she is able to heal and justice will be served in her situation.

7 thoughts on “they did not have to do iyanna dior like this

  1. So Black Lives Matter but they can beat her with the same hate a slave would be by a White man????? I am for Black Gay and Trans Lives who aren’t snow bunnies and Black Children. These homophobic/transphobic/self-hating allegedly religious adults dilute the movement and sicken me. Their lives don’t matter to me.

    1. ^doesnt it feel like black gays are actually like the x-men?
      we are looked at like these villains,
      but we actually have the real powers.

      we might need a magneto 🧲

  2. Nothing she could have did deserves what we saw… I am an advocate for Peace and equal rights.

    Note: Something about her actions, posting ,Cash App request , demeanor requires further scrutiny. Does anyone else notice it???

    1. ^folks were questioning the cash app request,
      but many people ask for money after traumatic experiences.

      maybe for hospital bills?

      1. Good point… I hope this shameful assault garners attention to the troubling plight of Trans Women and Men????.

  3. Unless she snatched a baby from a mother’s arms and swallowed it whole there is no excuse for the rage you see in that video. What I see is unrelenting venom and savagery. After watching this video it makes me wonder if the same Black community would’ve shown the same outrage for a Transgender Black woman or a gay Black man had our necks been depleted of oxygen by a rogue cop?

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