our attachment to things is literally killing us

…and that would be highly impossible because i don’t have a uterus.
one of the things i’ve realized about myself is i attach myself too quick.
some things,
not so much,
but things i really want i end up getting bind to.
it can be from a number of things

Wolves I’ve really really REALLY liked
Career aspirations
Getting comfortable in toxic work environments
Negative thoughts and particular outcomes

buddha has a saying,
“the root of suffering is attachment”.
i’m learning a majority of my life has been suffering because of attachment.
i am so busy planning the outcome in my head,
but when the opposite happens,
i’m left with depression and questioning who i am.

The wolf I liked showed me so much interest and then we separate for whatever reason.
He snooped around my IG stories,
but then he stopped.
I see others sniffing around him and it looks like he’s entertaining it.
I thought he wanted me,
but I question if I was wrong.
I’m attached to the hope of something.

I write on foxhole and everyone tells me how good it is.
They believe I will go places,
but I have no idea what to do.
It makes me question if I’m a complete fuck up and not like everyone else.

I stayed at a toxic job with the hope that I would get hired.
The abuse felt familiar,
but I stayed with it in hopes of getting hired full time.
My attachment was a paycheck and to say I have a job,
but when they let me go,
I felt so lost.

Negatives thoughts are in my DNA.
Worrying and stressing is a part of me.
I don’t think I could ever get rid of them,
but I’m attached to looking at what’s wrong first than being neutral.
I think I create more fear in my head than what’s actually happening.

i’ve prayed,
law of attraction,
saged my damn house,
and lit candles for the things i’ve been attached to.
nothing happens and i end up suffering,
but the things i’ve thought about and instantly let go,
the answer comes in about an hour or day.
i had to wonder

How do you not attach to things you really desire?

for some people,
it’s so easy.
they’ve had the wolf wrapped around their finger,
they weren’t phased by the toxicness of the job,
the career came easily,
and life was nothing but a dream.

What are they doing than I’m not?

that has been on my mind as of late.
i don’t want to be attached to things beyond my control anymore.
i don’t know how to let go of the things i really desire.
if the foxhole has any tips on how they detach,
please share.

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