we gotta stop screaming “i been scammed” by these attentionistos!

i get a ton of messages starting off with:


i’m always down to listen because i’m all about the story for the foxhole.
as soon as i read the story tho,
i’m often left rolling my eyes.


you need to slap yourself.
i could understand if

so lets say you and “such and such attentionisto” were communicating.
he said drop 250 in cash app and he would come over.
the purpose of him coming over is to fuck you two ways til sunday.
any sexual thing you desire from him will be fulfilled within the price.

you go out and buy your best “bed, bath, and beyond” bath set,
light some candles,
and your hole is prepared for maximum penetration!
he never shows up,
his number his changed,
you money is gone,
and your foxhole starts throwing a temper tantrum for the meat it was promised.

That is a scam.

you paid for a service and he never came through with said service.
if you aren’t signing a contract or getting a receipt tho,
you’re pretty much as sitting duck in these scamming forests.
the prices folks pay to see nudes and sex tapes are out of control.
i can’t tell gay males how to spend money,
but i’d imagine it wouldn’t just be a .jpeg of a dick or his butt cheeks spread open.
like what are you gonna do?
frame it?
even the sex tapes are shifty because i’ll be honest with you:

90% of these sexy attentionistos can’t really fuck in these videos

i saw an attentionisto i thought was so hot and wanted to see him smash someone.
he spent the majority of the time finger bangin’ this vixen.
when he finally stopped that after 20 minutes,
when he got on top,
his stroke was lazy and he was winded.


we have all gassed up these attentionistos into thinking they are the shit,
but they’re really flexin’ off gay males paying for their nudes.
vixens aren’t paying for that because they’re sent unsolicited nudes without asking.
vixens always tend to know who might be horrible in bed too.
i think it’s seeing past the muscles thing or something.
i don’t know…
the old rich white sugar daddies are at least getting fucked or fuckin’ them.
they are paying for a service and some provided one in return.
there is a mutual benefit.
aΒ  majority of them are gay for pay because ig likes don’t pay bills,

All we are getting is nudes and a 30 second sex tape

Unless i’m getting a naked massage,
I’m not interested.
Unless i’m getting i’m promised multiple orgasms and my chakras aligned,
I’m not interested.

even if i’m paying for these things,
i’m expecting a service to be provided.
stop spending money on these dusties that will scam you off a pic or a video.
take some accountability.
with about 95% of males out here today:

The fantasies we have created in our heads tends to be better than the reality

my crush fucks me good in my head,
but would it be the same in real life?
even the ones we crush on in real life.
if they were so “amazing” in all aspects,
they wouldn’t have to resort to be liars,
and cheaters.

they wouldn’t have a trail of broken relationships and terrible yelp reviews behind them.

low-key: can i get more stories of the attentionistos that didn’t come over to fuck,
the sex was wack af,
or he didn’t live up to his ig pictures?
ya know,
the real juice?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “we gotta stop screaming “i been scammed” by these attentionistos!”

  1. Smdh I’m so glad Aqua Pornhub is able to quench my thirst. People really out here still signing up for onlyfans after all the scamming that has been exposed? I’m done. And I agree πŸ’― that the fantasies tend to be better than the reality. Especially when it comes to attentionistos. 7/10 ALL they have to offer are their looks and even that gets boring after awhile.

    1. Marcqwis you said it. The most these people have to offer are their looks, and once they open their mouth…they kill the fantasy.

      I have unfollowed so many people over this quarantine. All they were doing was whining about they can’t get to the gym. If you are a “personal trainer” or “fitness instructor” or “fitness personality” as you claim to be on your page, you would know exercises and such to keep yourself in shape for the duration. Hell, as they teach you in the military, using your body weight is a great way to get in shape/stay in shape. Then you have them doing bogus exercises, pretty much showing that “personal trainer” title is bullshit.

      It shows a sad mentality overall. These people need and crave the attention we give them, and cannot function without it. Recipe for disaster.

      God help them if this virus flares up again and we have to quarantine again.

      1. Lmfaoooooooo! Yo, I promise I be DYING at the “professional” trainers that be looking like a deer in the headlights now that there are no gyms πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Like what? Legit can work out in your basement or room. And it definitely is sad that they can’t function without the attention. Just goes to show they have nothing productive going on in their lives. This quarantine is showing the truths behind the curtains and my tea cups are here for it.

  2. It’s really no different than being scammed by a hot dude you were “just trying to help out” in life. It’s no different than finding out the hot masculine guy did like your not feminine self even though you gave great head. It’s easy for hot masculine men to financially abuse gay men and the internet is just another vehicle for that ..as long as you don’t examine why you like a guy you’ll always be easy to manipulate.

  3. If you still getting scammed after all the front page news and info the Foxhole has given you, you want to be scammed. I have told you all before to save your Onlyfans money and get you an OnlyGym membership and start going. You will get to see dudes who look just as good or better than the Onlyfans Attentionista’s who you have to see virtually. At least the eye-candy if up close in your face and comes with the price of the gym membership. If you actually take the time to learn and start using the weights, you get a another benefit of getting in shape and being able to look just as good as some of these dudes you lust after, and soon you will have your own fans. Not knocking these fine dudes who post up on IG or have Onlyfans but once you start working out changing your own body and seeing results and being around these dudes they no longer have the same magic to your senses. Invest that money in yourself Brothas.

    OAN it has been so funny seeing these Attentionista’s now that the gym is closed being exposed in dusty junkie ass apartments or looking like they are staying in boarding homes when they take those pics in not so good lighting that the gym provides. This quarantine has exposed so many in so many different ways.

    1. ^YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

      2020 has shown and revealed so much.
      so many people aren’t who i thought they were.
      this pandemic definitely taught me that there are some real dusties behind these masks.

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