coach stormy coaches us on how to live in lack on #blackouttuesday

i fully intended on doing #blackouttuesday.
it was a day to separate from promoting your businesses or being creative,
but instead,
using your platform to promote others/blm/or bring awareness.
i did that on my twitter all day,
but taking a slight mental health day as well.
even if i was getting paid to blog,
i would still have taken the day.
i was first introduced to attentionista,
coach stormy aka stormy wellington,
by marvin bienaime.

he re-posted one of her videos,
and even tho the message was solid,
but something about her didn’t sit well with me.
i must have been right because she had a whole temper tantrum about #blackouttuesday.
this is what she uploaded to her ig that is getting her dragged…

and another:


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Today is my day!!! Today My Goal is to Double up!! I will not lose I learned!! Rise up!! I’m up!!

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um auntie,
this screams:


she does realize she could have ignored #blackouttuesday right?
and why did she do something she didn’t fully research?
follow the crowd?

rihanna runs her corporations that are “fenty beauty” and “savage x fenty“.
for #blackouttuesday,
she posted this:

on “fenty beauty” and “savage x fenty”,
this was posted:

if you have a strong support base,
you can take a day to stand in solidarity with your people.
imagine how much money rihanna lost,
but she doesn’t suffer from lack and was appreciated for her efforts,
which in turn caused more business.
that rant didn’t do coach stormy no favors.
i’m sure her business will suffer because of it so realistically…

She fucked her own sales up in the end.

hate to see it.

low-key: she is coming off like someone who sells mary kay.
desperate to make those sales so she can get a pink cadillac.
i’ve neve rheard of her products and now i’m not interested.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “coach stormy coaches us on how to live in lack on #blackouttuesday”

  1. Shes at the top of a pyramid scheme, which works by getting thousands of people to sign up under you (which is rare to achieve for the average person) so you can successfully take small amounts of each of those people’s sales (right now the big thing is Nutraburst) but you have to mind fuck them into believing the reason they aren’t getting much money is because they’re not signing enough people, when in reality it’s mostly cause your taking the biggest chunk of whatever leach person makes, and you ALWAYS have to sign up new people cause 1.Sellers Get tired of seeing substantial income and unsign from you 2. Customers never KEEP buying these overpriced generic items past a few months, so your income is never truly steady or stable, thats why this bitch can’t afford to take NO days off, she’s like a parasite continually trying to latch on to others and stuck them dry!

  2. She gives me “rise and grind” “Partner with me to become a millionaire in a week” vibes. Those MLM/Ponzi schemes are not the business. If you can’t go one day without working, you’re doing it wrong. It’s called passive income for a reason.

  3. Off topic, (I’m surprised no one has mentioned this) jamari have you got any videos or info of the black trans girl getting jumped by black men in the convenient store. Nearly got beat to death. Video is horrific. While I support the movement. It’s important for us to also not exclude the black LGBT brothers and sisters from the BLM protest. This is a very underrated topic.

  4. Mmmmmm 4 in one serving 😋. Today officially is cancellation day. Keep em coming jamari.

    1. ^she could have handled that so much better.
      how you gonna do it and then complain about it?
      at least don’t sound completely new money about it.

      1. Exactly, some people may mean well when they deliver a message. The problem is a lot of these “public figures” don’t have the intellect or communicative skills to get their delivery across without sounding condescending or offensive. Especially in this moment when everyone is sensitive, What you say, and how you say it can put you in the dog house. As we’ve seen a lot of today LMAO.

        1. Yup and that’s why I stop listening to public figures especially the ones without degrees. That have been “semi-wealthy” for so long that they have forgotten that they are about a tax bracket away from a 9-5

  5. Stormy Wellington has been a scammer, she was on that show Beyond the Pole which premiered last year on E!. She was also on a show back in 2010 on Centric called
    amateur millionaires. It’s something about her that I cannot get down with.

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