billy santoro better buy some knee pads and ice packs during his cancellation cause…

i think i know what the issue is foxhole:

People are confusing their real worlds with their virtual one

social media ain’t real,
but when the two world’s merge,
the outcome can still be the same.
cancellations don’t discriminate.
porn jackal,
billy santoro,
got himself the biggest career cancellation i’ve seen.
he posted these hateful messages about the riots…

it caused him to get his accounts on “just for fans” and “onlyfans” dropped.
not only that,
he ended up erasing his twitter and facebook accounts.
he was down to 3 followers before he had to skedaddle:

he tried to pull an “apology” out his jock strap:

…but no one wanted to read it.
it seems he isn’t a stranger to fonting bigot shit according to twitter:

billy didn’t think his life would ever come this fast.
gage wanted to update us on what happened to billy after he was dragged to hell:

gage and billy are gonna be some busy bees.
the mortgages and car notes won’t pay themselves!
it looks like they’re gonna be on their knees for quite some time.

ETA: a foxholer sent me a twitter thread with all racist porn jackals

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “billy santoro better buy some knee pads and ice packs during his cancellation cause…”

    1. Ya’ll, Bryan Hawn is doing the SAME EXACT THING!

      He made a video series called “Dear Black People” where he’s on camera spouting racist shit as well as telling black people the reasons why we get killed by police, why we’re broke, why we can’t get ahead w/ patronizing advice.

      He has the videos behind a paywall, but drop your email and I’ll send you the google drive with them.

      Fucking disgusting!!!

  1. The fact that he thought his apology and “I have a black friend” story was really gonna do something LMFAOOOO. You can literally smell the bullshit as you read them. Boy BYE! Just like your sexual performances, it’s slow for your career. Get your knee pads ready cause like Jamari said you’re gonna need them. Although honestly I never cared about him either way. He fucks like a whole turtle.

      1. Right and I’m so over it. Like the only thing that needs to “wake up” is your bedroom energy because your videos are lame af. Oooooooh chile, Jamari, hun, your posts got me incensed today! I just really cannot believe that this is how people think. You are (were) a porn star and have done sex scenes with multiple POC. Wtf.

  2. Jamari, hun, I’m so fucking ashamed of myself. The fact that I have his LE scene with Lawrence Portland saved as a bookmark and open in a tab is frightening and disgusting! I always felt he was lowkey racist with the way he talked to his black scene partners. That’s why his old, dry ass bussy is so loose and torn tf out with his small, weak dick. Fuck the ugly mf.

  3. Yeah… I came across this on my twat feed. Billy…. Austin Wolf… Bryan Hawn…Max Konnor(who has switched his twitter to private) have all been problematic since the uprising.

  4. Same ass tired motherfucking apologies after they got exposed and saying they got black friends…the only black thing you got in your life is the black hole waiting for you to be erased from oblivion!

  5. Now I expect this from his kind, so I’m not in the least bit surprised. What kills me is that after the dragging, these cavemen issue an almost immediate apology, like no BITCH, you changed your mind that fast? Lmaoooo, It takes for a dragging for you to change your perspective that quick? It’s fake. This is genuinely how you feel, so keep this same energy. They’d probably get more respect if they never retract their statements.

    It’s mind blowing how stupid people are.

  6. Do you know what’s the craziest thing the ones who are exposing Billy are Also getting exposed were doing racist stuff to

      1. Michael Lucas of Lucas entertainment is trash. I believe Max in this instant. Still there are other suspect instances.

  7. Was never into any of the pornstars mentioned.

    Max Konnor is mad boring as a top and he rotates the same used up, extinct walls snow queens.

    Like pineapple I know that ass feels like fucking an open gallon freezer bag 💀

  8. People need to call out ‪SeanZevran‬ for sleeping with a bunch of racist white man he trying to act like he’s all black lives matter but he’s fucking white racist dudes behind closed doors

    1. I like his scenes but he’s definitely the kind of biracial person you have to be careful with because they’ll play both sides.

      At least he isn’t posting any porn or advertising his onlyfans for a while now though.

  9. HA HA HA HA HA HA …….See guys.. He is ‘NOT RACIST” …. HIm just had a “Bad” day….

    Thanks for clearing this up…


  10. He’s full of it in that apology. First off no one in philly has had a riot/looting related death as of now. And as for the unrelated murders that have happened in the city, I highly doubt he knew the victims based on his statements alone since they were POC.

  11. Damn, today is an unraveling day and i alway wondered about these porn actors stance on BLM and truly disappointing. Time to unfollow and delete some of his Myvidsters videos and beside his short dick lack effort. I never would have thought Bryan from Youtube of all ppl was amongst this, very disappointing!!

  12. So……..he wants Black people shot simply for looting stores…but I should care he attempted suicide? Theft is a death sentence now? Not condoning looting, but White people are beyond insane. They only get emotional when it affects their pockets.

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