honey, look, a new lizzo temper tantrum just dropped

as i learn to really observe people,
i learn that those who are a “pro-” something are really insecure.

they play a good cosplay of “the strong one” or “i’m above it all” but…

These people are the first to be easily broken when the flames get too hot.

intense amounts of criticism usually breaks them.
that being fonted:

Lizzo annoys me to the core nowadays.

she was so amazing when she first came out and then took a serious left turn.
from the antics during the panny to claims of alleged bullying from her dancers.
you’d think she would lay low,
let this all blow over,
and come out with a song for us to forget those moments.
this is what i assumed she was doing because i haven’t heard her name in a minute.
i rolled my eyes when i saw her latest social media post

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coach stormy coaches us on how to live in lack on #blackouttuesday

i fully intended on doing #blackouttuesday.
it was a day to separate from promoting your businesses or being creative,
but instead,
using your platform to promote others/blm/or bring awareness.
i did that on my twitter all day,
but taking a slight mental health day as well.
even if i was getting paid to blog,
i would still have taken the day.
i was first introduced to attentionista,
coach stormy aka stormy wellington,
by marvin bienaime.

he re-posted one of her videos,
and even tho the message was solid,
but something about her didn’t sit well with me.
i must have been right because she had a whole temper tantrum about #blackouttuesday.
this is what she uploaded to her ig that is getting her dragged…
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Crazy White Folks On The Plane

when i fly,
which hasn’t been in a while,
i like to be comfortable and slightly buzzed.
it makes for a nice nap to my destination.
these days though,
flying has gotten real sketchy.
a foxholer sent me the following video from “baller alert”.
my thoughts on it?
“what in the absolute fuck”
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Someone Tell Jason Mitchell To Take It “Eazy” (I Couldn’t Resist)

i thought the wolf who played “eazy-e” in “straight outta compton” was cute.
he was a good actor in the film.
his name is jason mitchell.
i haven’t heard anything else about him since that movie.
well up pops him on tmz acting a damn fool on delta airlines
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What THE FUCK Is Going On With Brandy?!?!?

i mean,
ima be bold af with it.
social media is RUINING celebs and legends.
the mystery has died a long time ago with them.
or we just needed to know them for who they really are.
i didn’t see this for her.
at all.
so today is whitney houston’s birthday.
“the jasmine brand” put up brandy’s tribute post to her…
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Tremaine Neverson (aka Trey Songz) Beat The Stage Up

i guess tremaine is unleashing his inner “chris brown”.
it seems most of the r&b wolves have it inside em nowadays.
so tremaine neverson,
aka trey songz,
was told he went over time at a recent concert in detroit.
well i guess they decided to turn his mic off.
this happened next
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