Tremaine Neverson (aka Trey Songz) Beat The Stage Up

i guess tremaine is unleashing his inner “chris brown”.
it seems most of the r&b wolves have it inside em nowadays.
so tremaine neverson,
aka trey songz,
was told he went over time at a recent concert in detroit.
well i guess they decided to turn his mic off.
this happened next

which led to alla this:

was that temper tantrum really necessary?
there has to be more to this story.
i hope he knows he gotta pay for all the shit he destroyed.
 2016 is already a mess,
but this mercury retrograde ain’t helping either.

lowkey: my inner ratchet is lowkey turned on.

videos credited: fameolous | gotthathiphop

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Tremaine Neverson (aka Trey Songz) Beat The Stage Up”

  1. I really can’t with this man! I can’t believe he did that ignant ass shit this is why you don’t give opportunities like this to niggas like him this is a damn shame hopefully one he’ll get his reality check when them record executives pull the plug on his shit.

  2. WTF the shows over its over and what he break will come out his pocket I’m sure he doesn’t make mega millions on tour but I’ll always love him yep

  3. In one of the videos it looks like he mushed one of the females. I hope that is not the case. He’s going to receive more than a wake up call if so. smh.

  4. My sister who was there said he was displaying questionable behavior his entire time on stage and that assuming he was on some sort of narcotic would not be far fetched.

  5. TMZ says he was arrested for resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.I am sure he will have to pay for the stuff he damaged or destroyed.

  6. These male singers throw more bitch fits than females…and the crazy thing is they have MORE attitude than talent…You old goat sounding ass should be happy someone would happy to pay to see you at a venue. I dont care how attractive someone is once you start to act like an asshole you lose me.Ready was his best album and that was YEARS ago. Trey and Chris Brown need to make GOOD music and these females need to stop supporting mediocre male singers….With this kind of attitude he won’t be in the game forever. I’m laughing because his dumb ass damn near broke his neck trying to break everything…i dont even think he was drunk i just think he’s high off of fame…You went over your time that means they have to cut you so that the next act can come on or so that they can break everything down and wrap up properly i won’t be surprised if the venue sues him.

  7. Oh so this is what happened? Who does he think he is? I could see if throwing a tantrum if he was actually making good music nowadays.

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