RIP to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

how sad is this!!!!
first carrie fisher dies of cardiac arrest and then her mother…

debbie reynolds,
dies the next day of a stroke.
i think she died as a result of a broken heart.
this made me cry just now.
i just found out carrie’s daughter plays chanel #3 on “scream queens”.
to lose her mother and grandmother in 24 hours is traumatizing.
please pray for that girl and her family.
may they both rip.

lowkey: people dying of broken hearts is so real.
debbie reynold’s last words were:

“i miss her so much.
i want to be with carrie.”
( x via tmz )

that just took me out.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “RIP to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds”

  1. Ya know jamari I’m just so lost for words all these people dying back to back like this is crazy as hell and while I understand that this a part of life but damn it makes you wonder what that hell is going on in Hollywood that place scares the hell outta me lol!

  2. My heart broke just a little bit. I’m a 70’s baby, so I grew up with both of these ladies. I was a theatre major in college, and a friend of mine from Spelman worked with Carrie Fisher not to long ago and had the opportunity to meet Debbie Reynolds. I got the news while visiting with her this evening, and she had to take second. 2016 cannot leave fast enough.

    On a lighter note, every major religion and government has assured me that Betty White ain’t going nowhere without a fight!!!!

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