Crazy White Folks On The Plane

when i fly,
which hasn’t been in a while,
i like to be comfortable and slightly buzzed.
it makes for a nice nap to my destination.
these days though,
flying has gotten real sketchy.
a foxholer sent me the following video from “baller alert”.
my thoughts on it?
“what in the absolute fuck”

look at that temper tantrum!
jumping up and down with a complete fit.

they are very patient with white folks during these moments.
someone of color would have been zapped with 50,000 volts.
i hope she achieved whatever she needed with that moment.

lowkey: you see the (ra)coon stand up with the cape?
why did he even stand up for?
let the professionals clean up that mess.
if she spit on him,
he would be crying all kinds of foul.

4 thoughts on “Crazy White Folks On The Plane

  1. I don’t know if she was on meds or if her ass was drunk, but people should not be allowed on a flight if they’re drunk or show signs of being high….that can become dangerous!

    There was a story the other day about actor Michael Rappaport and some other guys stopping some guy from trying to open the door mid-flight!! This is why I do not close my eyes on the plane. I take out my iPod and headphones, and I’m in my zone! DO NOT MESS WITH ME! Lol

    I remember one time the steward tried to get fly with me. And he was the stereotypical gay type. I wanted coffee because I did not have any that day and I was legit getting a headache. On Delta they serve that nasty strong ass Starbucks coffee. He gave me two packets of sugar. I looked at him like are you serious?! I said can I have two more? He was like oh you one of them huh? I was like WTH does that mean? I tried not to let him take me there.

    I said yeah, I’m one of them Maxwell House drinkers where I don’t need to put as much sugar in my cup. Then I got sarcastic with him and said, and you like a lot of sugar I see. He didn’t like that at all. Gave me dirty looks, but didn’t say a thing. LOL

  2. I thought dude might’ve been an air marshal and he had to finally give up his cover b/c he couldn’t take the madness anymore…flying is like a greyhounding it in the sky now yo, smdh.

  3. WTF!! White folks can act all kinds of Krazy, without any consequences, you’re right Jamari,had they been black all kinds of security would’ve been on them.

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