“Views From The Pitcher’s Mound”: Yasiel Puig Shows His Tail

i feel there is something suggestive with that…
or is it just my horny ass?

so mlb baller wolf for the dodgers,
yasiel puig,
  “espn body issue” spread hit the net.
instead of “peanuts”,
he gave us a lot of “beef” and the perfect entry for hump day…

that is6’4 and240 lbs of cuban beef…

i’m starting to notice a lot of mlb baller wolves have big tails.
unlike the nfl baller wolves with the muscle tails,
the mlb ones have very round ones.
most of their baller wolves tend to be hispanic.
those models tend to come standard with a nice ass.
this is the first time i’m hearing of yasiel,
but he can count me in as a new admirer.

i’ll allow it.

pictures cc: espn | read his “espn body issue” interview: here

12 thoughts on ““Views From The Pitcher’s Mound”: Yasiel Puig Shows His Tail

  1. The Body Issue to be tasteful, now it’s just a joke of itself. However, I am waiting on someone to pose full frontal.

    1. Never gonna happen, but damn, I would love to be at one of them shoots.lol

  2. J, as much trouble as this guy has been in, how could you not know who he is?!

    There was a big write-up on him a few years back on how he was smuggled out of Cuba, and his family held hostage until the “coyotes” or whatever they’re called, were paid their money..and then some. He has a few brushes with the law, including speeding on the highway at an excessive rate (I think he was clocked at over 100mph)

    Young, dumb and full of cum. Lol

      1. LMAO. Yeah…he been acting a fool since he was signed.
        What’s the old saying…a fool and his money shall soon part?!

  3. I’ve always loved his thick self. Baseball players are very nice looking and usually thick.

  4. Jamari, have you seen who he’s married to? Trust….you’ll reconsider, love.

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