Saquon Barkley’s Vixen Kinda Ruined His Sex Appeal Before It Began

for the wolves who are trying to play “the fantasy”,
it’s best we don’t hear from their s/o.
i mean i get it.
their usually claiming his meat,
but saquon barkley’s vixen had to be so corny about it.
so as you know,
saquon made his debut in this year’s “espn body issue”.
this is what his vixen,
put on her social media…

and then added this gem:

oh no…
total cringe.
she should stay all the way in the background.
well she better pray saquon’s faithfulness is on lock.
(see what i did there?)
his pics won’t be the only thing on some hoe’s lock screen.
they’ll be a whole nother set in her photo album ready for leakage.
can they send them my way if so?
ya know…
for review purposes.

lowkey: am i the only one who thinks he’s stupid for knocking her up?
cute baby and all,
but at least play a few seasons first.
his sperm,
her eggs,
and that child support.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Saquon Barkley’s Vixen Kinda Ruined His Sex Appeal Before It Began”

  1. They always got to fuck it up by having some white, blonde leech running behind them. When will they wake up and learn? WHEN?!

  2. yeah, he about to be be everywhere alright! Her man’s about to be in every girl’s puss! LMAO

  3. He is beyond stupid for knocking her up while a rookie, because now whether he plays or not her ass is going to be living the “come up” lifestyle at his expense because of the baby and the whole “I got accustomed to this way of life”.

  4. I mean.. Unless its Odell or Mychal Kendricks then I’m legally blind when it comes to the NFL roaster! Could care less

    He is good looking though *shrugs*

  5. Well she is pretty cute…though I see a funny pattern with athletes and their fairskinned spouces. When things hit the fan….it’s a wrap.

  6. Lipstick Alley had a thread on her a couple of months ago.She posted multiple tweets using the term n*gga back when she was a teenager.I mean a younger teen(13-14) ,I think she’s 19 now.Including tweeting about being a gold digger and how she aint messing with no “broke n*gga”.If I’m not mistaken she also used the term when she wasn’t quoting rap lyrics but the tweets are 5 years old.

  7. Chances are he’s probably in some other girl’s lock screen ALREADY. Don’t need a magazine to make that happen.

  8. People are just too young and have the game twisted up. I wonder what the background conversations are, I mean he must have people in his ear and I know people have got to be in her ear. Its one thing to have the baby, its another thing to have the ring. I wonder if people are in her ear telling her that he needs to marry her, and then does she take that energy and pushes it to him, does he get tired eventually and say I’m out of here. What I find even more ridiculous when you think about it, is how long have they even known each other he’s 21 and a junior and she’s a sophomore ( so she should be younger) they didn’t meet in high school and she’s just coming off a 9 month pregnancy. I just don’t see how people get trapped so easily

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