When You Didn’t Realize You’re Training Your Replacement At Work

“you need to do better”

that’s what i said when i woke up out my sleep this morning.
at like 3am,
on some random shit,
i legit said that out loud.
i was having nightmares about this job i work at.
i hate it with a passion.
it’s good when you folks have your back tho.
i got some interesting news today…

there is a new vixen they hired on as a temp.
i notice my boss has been kissing her tail.
the same way she use to do mine,
until i realized all the horrible rumors i heard about her were actually true.
i’ve been low key training her to do some of the things i do.
it’s not like i’m not grateful.
they love putting a full load of shit on my plate only.
by the time i get off work,
i’m exhausted and want to fall asleep at like 8pm.

one of my co workers i’m cool with pulled me to the side today.
they told me about some changes they found out about.
when i first got to that job,
i was told that it usually takes them a year to hire temps.
when i heard that,
i made sure i came in and did my job the best i could.
once they switched my position,
this new temp will be taking my original spot.
they are going to a desk,
while i’m stuck being driven crazy until they dismiss me.
bad enough that a couple desks have opened up,
but they aren’t allegedly considering me for any of the positions.

when i heard it,
i felt like my stomach fell through my tail.
it really hurt my feelings because i felt played.
it was the underhandedness and the sneakiness.
after a while to,
it’s really a blessing in disguise.
from what i was told,
that job has done this to many others before me.
folks have legit quit my job without giving two weeks.
about 42 folks have been fired or quit in the last month.
it’s a consistent revolving door.
the ones who have stayed are bitter and angry.
many have been passed up for promotions,
traded to new departments without warning,
and treated like they don’t matter.

Would I really want to be an employee there?

 i wanted a laid back job i’d be happy to be at,
but i was happy there “before”.
i was isolated and comfortable.
now i’m in cornered in a den of corporate jackals.
i’ll take the”L” because i know things will get better.
i’ve been down this road before and God has gotten me through.

lowkey: if this other job comes through,
i’m not even giving them 2 weeks.
i’m out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When You Didn’t Realize You’re Training Your Replacement At Work”

  1. Damn man.
    I really hoped this would have stayed as good as it was in the beginning. Praying for you, J!

    1. ^i thought so too.
      i dread going to work because they don’t know wtf they’re doing.
      it’s like it’s being run by trump or something

  2. Jamari, as someone who’s been done this road before (twice) I can assure you it does get better and they will truly reap what they sow bruh.

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