Look At Our Fearless Leader In Action During A Tragedy!

before i start this,
i want to send my condolences to the families of all the victims in the capital gazette shooting in maryland today.
another senseless tragedy that is becoming way too familiar.
so our fearless leader was asked to comment on what happened.
this is what he had to say…

look at our fearless leader go!

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Look At Our Fearless Leader In Action During A Tragedy!”

  1. No, he is too worried about the other shit, rather than real issues going on in this country. I am tired of reading stories about shootings every other month, and he is in a position to change that, but he has not.

    1. ^like,
      it is getting really bad.
      it’s like his pack of morons are professional trolls.
      “‘make america great again”… means what exactly?

      1. Return to the days of segregation! That’s how they want to MAGA. GTFOH

        This man shows EVERY DAY that he is incapable of leading ANYTHING. He fooled a LOT of people into thinking he’s a great businessman. He’s a great con artist if anything. He’s filed bankruptcy for the majority of his businesses, primarily his hotel “empire” which surprisingly isn’t really his. He just charges people for naming rights to put his name on the hotel. He’s a bully, and the way he tries to govern is how he ran his business…and he’s finding out that just because he says to do something, doesn’t mean it happens right away.

        He shows how clueless he is about many things almost daily. What’s striking is that he disrespected so many Republicans and Democrats while campaigning and while in office, yet most continue to follow behind him as if they’re scared of him. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Marco Rubio…the list goes on.
        He bitched them all, and McCain was the only one to stand his ground and speak out against him. The rest act like they’re scared to open their mouths.
        Are you THAT scared of the man?! What is his hold/power over them?

        He’s alienating allies and kissing the asses of our “enemies” Russia and North Korea. It’s really sad to watch. God forbid this idiot leads us to war…I truly believe we would be fucked. Our allies would probably be like, you’re on your own! Can you imagine?

  2. He doesn’t have time to offer his condolences he has to get to his phone so he can go on Twitter and insult Jimmy Fallon or whine about Fake news.Priorities

  3. As a country we are so Fukked. With this idiot in power able to stack the courts with Right Wing Nut Jobs it will not be long before we are back in the days of the Plessy vs. Ferguson era of separate but equal as people of color. He is coming after the immigrants first and then it will be Black America. His election has shown that “de whites” are able to express their long simmering rage that they have to share a piece of the pie with anyone else. They hate us in their neighborhoods, school and hate that so many of us are able to enjoy the same life as them or better. No matter the socio-economic level of “de whites” they do not like the idea that Black people and other people of color are on equal footing, so they are going to use their last bastion of power to ensure that this country treats us as second class as long as they can. White Supremacy is their goal and they are going to ensure that we stay in prison longer, and will have no justice when we get gunned down by police. It does not take much to see that this country is heading to the brink of disaster and sadly so many of my brothers and sisters are still worried about stunting on Instagram or what these Z list celebrities are doing on all these ratchet ass VH-1 shows. Shit is about to get real, abortion is going to be overturned and the “de white” gays who treat people of color like Shit but want their rights on par with heterosexual whites are going to get their wake up call as well. It is going to be real interesting to see what sides are going to be chosen in this new Amerikkka in Inter-racial households, I am sure outlawing interracial marriage as well as same sex marriage may be on the agenda.

    I think I am more upset at the fact that all of the living Presidents have not come out as a unified voice and spoke out against this B.S. We are living in some perilous times as Black folks and people of color. We are going to have stop worrying about BS and start paying attention to what’s really going on because I am afraid we are going to look up and what we thought we had is going to be long gone.

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