hayden monteleone teaches you how to hump better

hayden monteleone isn’t cute to me,
but i found this pic of him incredibly hot.
the ig foxhole did too when i posted it a while back.
something about the pose,
his hair,
and the thigh/side cheek action did it for me.
well i know some of the foxhole finds him to be hot af.
he shared how to perfect your stroke with a medicine ball…

survey says:

that’s the first time i ever found him interesting tbh.
he always looks “deer in headlights” in most of his pics.
i love when attentionistos show some kind of personality.

it helps balance things out.

lowkey: i love his last name too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “hayden monteleone teaches you how to hump better”

  1. He really does prey on gay guys. He profits off of gay guys and all you do is help him promote this false hood. It’s ironic because you posted a story about a guy going on grindr pretending to be gay to harm us gays. Hayden prentends to do bi acts just to allure gay guys and steal there money. I implore you to not be so easily influenced by a pretty face and impeccable pecs. You have a platform, use it wisely and protect us at all cost. Please.

    1. ^hi john,

      i don’t know much about hayden besides that pic,
      having an “onlyfans”,
      and not being particularly attracted in him.
      a foxholer actually had to send me this video since i don’t keep up.
      since you opened the conversation about his alleged scammery,
      that actually informs us all going forward.

      see how that worked?

      i’m starting to think most gay males need to stop giving these grown ass males their money.
      that should actually be the discussion aside from it all.

      1. Very true, and Jamari you are not responsible for how other gay men react to these type of men that’s their problem, not yours you are just reporting on the news of the day.

          1. Periodt Jamari! I refuse to ever lower myself for some pretend dick.

            He is cute and I love his body. These videos are corny tho.

    2. Yes this the new thing making money off gay guys money so my thing is how does this make you a real man to me its stealing fraud and what women wants a man like this

    3. He is not even remotely attractive to me. He and many others, thrive off the thirsty desperate guys that don’t know any better (they really do they’re just being stupid and horny).
      If you know a person that does this…there are ways to get back at them. Hit them in their pocket. Don’t subscribe to their content, or if you or someone you know does..share it. I’m sure they’ll get the point sooner or later. LOL

  2. I love you Jamari .You have this AMZING ABILITY to focus in on the World around you You are very, very intelligent !!!.I just wish you saw yourself as I do.. Your very , very Special!!!

    [ My intent was to say “I agree with you that Heyden is NOT attractive “, but seeing him in action and not taking himself serious made me change my initial observation] Smile

  3. He’s always on twitter promoting his youtube and onlyfans page with nude related snippets. I always thought he was married even when his full nude appeared on myvidster. now we know she supports him in his quest to get subscribers male and female. I guess the color of money is green but we really need to make sure we are getting what we pay for. Don’t just be pulled in by just another guy with muscles. We need to start thinking with our big head versus our little heads. Life and coins may depend on it. These days muscles are a dime for every 2 dozen.

    1. Irish, Dominican, German, Italian. What makes no sense to me is how he has a wife and a child and she supports her dude exposing himself to others. Hayden used to be very small but put on alot of muscle. He and his wife were together since high school. They were young when they had their first child. He seems cool but still I don’t see how he disrepect them with what he doing. Some gay men should invest more in themselves instead of these dudes only wanting there money. But then again thats not my business.

  4. I think Hayden only really works when he plays to his racial ambiguity. If you look at his early photos from 2016 – 2017 you couldn’t tell what he was, the further he gets from that ambiguity by letting his hair grow out, etc. the less attractive he becomes, body notwithstanding.

    The bigger issue I have with this story is the comments. I would really like for someone to clearly articulate what the problem is. Hayden clearly has stated that he is straight, has a Latina wife, and has a child. So, what exactly is the realistic expectation in this situation? People are really acting like if they subscribe to his only fans page that they are going to see gay sex or that somehow by supporting his content financially that entitles you to some sort of sexual favors. All because a male is flexing in their underwear isn’t necessarily an invitation to gay men, and we have to do away with the myth that it must be for the attention of the gays because no woman wants to see it; I call B.S on that, there are plenty of women who want to see it.

    The real problem here is boundaries and the fact that people get offended and downright indignant when people set them. We live in a culture that tells everybody to shoot their shot but doesn’t tell people how to accept when that shot is rejected. Some men out here are very matter of fact, you can look but if you are a male don’t contact in an explicit way, then when that boundary is crossed everybody wants to cry homophobia when the person who set the boundary feels disrespected and goes off on a rant.

    1. ^i really enjoy your font reality.
      i can count on you to give a objective opinion,
      even if i’m wrong in my entries.
      this was very well written.

      i don’t get the confusion as to why some gays are mad.
      they are sending grown ass males money without a contract in place.
      in this world of scamming,
      a nice bawdy shouldn’t have anyone acting silly and reckless.

    2. EXACTLY. People out here acting as if he kept his WIFE and DAUGHTER a secret lmao! He’s been posting them on his page for YEARS. He’s made it abundantly clear on countless occasions that he’s not gay but he doesn’t oppose to anybody watching his content. It’s not his fault that there are dumb ass horny gay men in the world paying for “content” just to jack off. He doesn’t pretend to be bi at all, he never has. He isn’t “using” the gay community either, he just posts dick pics on onlyfans and gay men just happen to be his main consumer who enjoy his content. How is he to blame here? For making men attracted to him? LOL.

      And mind you, I’m not exactly a Hayden fan either (I think he is so corny when he speaks, but he is sexy) but I’m not with gays playing the victim here. Oh, and I haven’t spent a dime on his onlyfans page either. I don’t pay for those sites but if I did the least I’d expect is a damn porno. You have these onlyfans gays fucking raw all throughout the internet and Hayden does the bare minimum by pulling out his dick and will still get a coin out of the parched gays. Blame yourselves.

  5. I wasn’t planning on commenting but after reading some of these negative comments I was compelled to give my thoughts.

    Hayden has never posted one anti gay or homophobic message on any of his social media platforms, yet all I see here are a bunch of sullen gays trying to rip the man apart for just showcasing his body to fans. No he’s not gay or bi, he’s actually straight but he’s very confident in himself and is okay with gay fans. Some of the people who thought it was necessary to leave a negative remark about this man are nothing but miserable queens. You won’t be happy with a sunny day, a fat bank account nor a bag full of dicks! I wouldn’t trust any of you with my happiness, and neither should Hayden.

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