some straight males get off thinking all gays want them, huh?

you ever been around a straight male(s) and they start acting funny?
they get uncomfortable around you.

Won’t look in your direction
Greet everyone in the room but you
Wouldn’t even sit next to you

they’ve picked up that you’re gay and shit gets weird.
you can literally feel the “uncomfortable energy” in the room.
i’ve been there before and it sucks.
well joseph d had a message for all the straight males on his ig..

agreed 110% with joseph.
some gays can be thirsty af to straight males in public,
but the rest of us have something called tact.
even if dude is cute,
most of us can still act like we have common sense.
not like some of these straights acting like potential rapists towards attractive vixens.


i’ve seen some gay males do the same,
but in a different way.
God help us if they aren’t gay,
have muscles,
and a social media presence.
the ones who aren’t assholes are very slim pickings.
some gay males think everyone wants them too.
they won’t even consider a friendship unless they can fuck you.

Sounds almost similar to the straights with the opposite sex

some straights,
and even vixens can all lack tact in one way or another.

6 thoughts on “some straight males get off thinking all gays want them, huh?

  1. Definitely for myself, every straight man does not turn me on! It doesn’t matter how they feel, but it can be the opposite.

  2. whenever I step in a room, I do not pay that much attention to half of the people in the room.
    I just want to be left alone.

  3. I wish I could agree with everyone, but considering a lot of gay men perceive staring at them too long to be a sign of interest you can’t completely blame them for being leery.

    “He held the door open for me, I think he likes me!”

    “He always speaks to me first, I think he likes me!”

    “He texted me Happy Birthday. He likes me!”

    Some gay men do the most when a straight man is even cordial to them.

    We haven’t even gotten into the layer of how some women perceive straight men being too comfortable around gay men.

  4. That’s always has been the worst and most annoying misconception about gay men especially in the black and latino communities. I used to always wonder growing up who the hell lied to them and told some of the guys they were attractive. I totally agree. People have preferences, like and dislikes. Even some of the less goodlooking guys would come with that drama if they thought a guy was gay. Sad but even today that misconception still is alive and well.

  5. Yea, some straight men get all jittery for no reason at all. For one, all of them are not my type, and I can respect the personal space of others. If a man is comfortable and secure in his manhood, he would not even care if 30 gay men are on the room. Some of them are jittery because they do not want to get clocked, but that is a conversation for a later day.

    S/N: I have a whole lot of love to Mr. Joseph.

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