don’t be fooled by the blackout we got

i wasn’t scared.
growing up in new yawk,
we always gotta be prepared for the unexpected.
i know one thing

I was VEX AF with how the MTA was running

that’s not new tho…

i was bored and felt like going out.
i got dressed and decided to leave my spot to meet the pretty vixen.
she was down in soho so i said…

“Why not?”

weekend service on the mta is the pits as is,
but yesterday,
it was awful.
it sat at every stop for 30 minutes.
i left at like 5 and i didn’t reach her until 7.
needless to font,
i wanted to turn my ass around and go back home.

i wanted pasta.
i had a craving for pasta.
some other folks i know were at carmine’s” in times square,
but we were down on 14th.
the thought of hopping on the train was not happening,
so we found a restaurant that had what i was looking for.
after we got all our food,
and were in the middle of a great conversation,
that’s when the alerts started coming in.

Citizens app

all of my news apps were reporting of a city wide blackout.
weird enough,
where we were,
there was nothing but light.
everyone was outside,
walking within the sweltering heat to their next destination,
with no fucks to give.
the pretty vixen and i were confused,
but we weren’t scared.

uber was on some disrespectful shit too.
i wasn’t getting back on the train in the first place.
at first,
my uber said it was gonna be 21 dollars.
after the updates started happening:


i wanted to go home.
i didn’t want to be stuck downtown,
or in a tunnel,
because trains were fucked up.
i was hoping harlem wasn’t effected because it was hot af outside.

we finally got ubers at “non-buggin” prices.
she went private for 28.
i did a pool for 23,
but he got me straight home without picking anyone else up.
my block had lights and everyone was chillin’.
The Universe stay having me protected.
it kept that blackout mess out the hoods.
everyone in the outer boroughs was like:

thank God.
to the new yawk foxhole

I hope you didn’t get effected too bad

i know those who attended the jlo concert at msg were pretty tight.

i’m shocked it was so packed tbh.

lowkey: download “pigeon”.
i use this one a lot.
it keeps you updated on mta issues,
plus you can write reviews and warn the locals.


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  1. No disrespect to no one, but I hollered when you were surprised by how packed the JLO concert was because that was my first thought. Don’t get me wrong she had a few hits back in the day but does she have that kind of material to be packing Madison square garden like that?

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