Out of The Woods; Eating More Cheese


“are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods yet?
are we out of the woods?
are we in the clear yet?
are we in the clear yet?
are we in the clear yet?
in the clear yet, good.” – “out of the woods”, taylor swift

so lets talk about something positive real quick.
i always want to update the foxhole,
good and bad.
so you know how i was always paying off bills?
i was focused on that tho.
i refused to be in the dark deep debt woods.

i have completely paid off all my bills officially friday!

tumblr_naaqk1G38y1s9vzlqo1_500so by the grace of god,
i only have to pay 800 a month.

cable (which mi should be helping me with)

well expect my credit card.
i have 500 of swipes on.
i plan on paying that off this month.
so i scratch that off the list of things holding me back.
i also got approved for a new credit card.
i plan on putting all those bills on it and paying it a lump sum.
that should help with my credit.
see i may not be out here:

tumblr_ns6jvcTB9z1qbbb7uo2_250….which maybe boring to some.
i’m more focused on getting my shit together.
listen i want my brownstone,
and sophsti-ratchet foxhole lifestyle.
i can’t let my inner werewolf complete die now.
try to have your life reflect what you want in it.

it’s only the foxhole way!

lowkey: my shopping/up keep habit won’t like this.

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “Out of The Woods; Eating More Cheese”

  1. OMG Congrats for paying off all of your bills. I know it is a great feeling when that happens. Jamari there is nothing like having a good footing on your finances especially for some of us who are living paycheck to paycheck. The more you have financial freedom, the you can travel, save up to buy a home, have your credit score increase. Oh trust me I know how it feels. I have (3) credit cards. My goal is to pay off the smaller one first then the next and so on and so on. At the age of 46, I no longer want to be financially irresponsible. Within the next 2-3 years I plan to buy and home and adopt a kid. So I wanna have a stable financial footing under me.Not just for me but I want my child to see a strong black man handling his business.

    1. ^i love this!

      i have to really thank the animals in my life.
      there are some stronger friends who will whoop my ass if i fall off the rails.
      you always need to surround yourself with other animals that are doing better than you.
      they give you the motivation to climb.
      i don’t keep losers or complete ratchets around for this reason.

      “show me your friends and i’ll show you who you are”

  2. Great ,I have in the last 5 years been stacking my chips ,and I still stacking ,because in the gay life all I have to protect my neck, is me,myself and I . I am glad for you watch credit cards,because you should build wealth with out putting money on credit cards ,they will keep you bound. Love you always .

    1. ^love you as well and thank you for this comment!
      this gay life is all about frontin’ hard for imaginary cameras.
      i like being behind the scenes.
      you move better that way.

      continue to grow joe!

  3. I’m with you on this as soon as my refund comes back I’ll be taking care of my credit card bill, it’s holding me back on get shit together. I have a car but I really want a better (looking) one and a fine wolf to fix it.

  4. Yes, I feel you. This year for me is about budgeting and getting my finances under control (as much as I can considering school) Starting with this damned credit card. I don’t have a big limit, but I’m tired of dealing with it. That ends this year. Yup! No more shopping for me! I overdid it last season LOL!

    There really isn’t much greater feeling than being free of debt (bad debt=credit cards etc.). I’m going back to that! It’s my resolution for 2016!

    1. Smart move. One of my best friends is my financial advisor/ his profession and VP for a larve bank. He often advises me to keep debt low as u are better off having low debt than a lot of cash in a no interest savings acct. Smart move.

      1. ^good advice v!

        i also love you have a good friend like that.
        we all need friends who can teach us things.
        you should always date and friend up.
        love this comment!

      2. I keep hearing that advice, so I’m rolling with it! I was tempted to raise my limit when I was struggling a while ago, but I was denied, which was a blessing in disguise. That would have been counter-productive. After seeing what my friends are going through, my debt looks like a small paycheck lol. I’ll keep it that way lol! We are too young to have those kinds of problems!

        Thank you for the advice! It’s always good to hear it from someone “on the inside”!

  5. Come through Jamari, I know it feels so damn good when you pay off those credit debits. Keep thinking positive and you will definitely be able to get that brownstone, car, sexy ass husband and maybe 2 or 3 little cub Jamaris running around lol.

  6. Congratulations, Jamari! This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you. Wishing you continued success on your journey.

  7. Congrats dude! That’s a huge blessing!

    P.S. I still don’t think that’s real Trey’s dick. lol. Sorry #ratchetmoment

  8. Congratulations Jamari! Now make sure this isn’t one step forward only to be knocked back a step that leads to another knock back. Stay on top of this thing use whatever financial tracking strategies you need to maintain and excel (i have heard that mint.com is a good one). Praying that this is only the beginning of a wonderful and healthy financial future for you.

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