Giving Yourself Damn Good Brain

tumblr_musz5a19gz1r02dyqo1_1280this may not be for everyone
you can leave now.
so karaoke is one for education and brain power.
she is always doing things to keep her mind working.
i noticed last year,
i was becoming really forgetful and lacking in focus.
i didn’t know what the f was going on.
well karaoke put me onto some apps to help my mind active.
she was doing hers every day for the last 6 months.
i thought i would give them a try again.
the three apps are…







i do this almost everyday since i started a month ago.
sometimes when i wake up or during free time in the day.
i won’t even lie to you…
i have noticed my memory has gotten a lot better,
i pay more attention to detail,
a lot more focused,
and i’m even remembering the language i’m learning.
it has helped me improve at work and for the foxhole.
even when talking to people,
i remember little details they have told me.
i’ll allow all three of these apps into your life.
social media has a way of making you a zombie out here.
as you are working on your outside,
work on your insides as well.
they are all free in your app stores so check them out.
i’d love to hear how they may have helped you.

lowkey: practice makes perfect.
you gotta stick with it.
once you do,
you’ll be excited to do it every day.
if you can stick heavy with jack’d and sex apps,
you can also stick with improving yourself.
get into them:

elevate: iphone | android

lumosity: iphone | android

duolingo: iphone | android

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11 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Damn Good Brain

  1. I used to use lumoisty a lot a few years ago and forgot all about it, I wil definitely be checking out the other two

  2. Jamari, I owe you for Duolingo. I first heard it from you and have been using it daily ever since. I practice every day and am planning to use the language as a profession. I’ve realized I’ve fallen in love with languages and am looking into being a translator. I’m taking the language in school now and it has now become my major. I was so lost in school before because they didnt offer anything that I liked or felt I could make a career out of. I feel like I’ve heard my calling, so thanks for that! 🙂 It’s a such a good app for learning the fundamentals! Not great for learning contextual differences though, but considering it’s free, it’s a great start!

    I have the Lumosity app, but I never use it! I really should! i tried it years ago, and it was cool! Elevate is new to me! Will have to check it out!

  3. I have to try them. I love learning and I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge.

  4. I play around with Duolingo more even though I have the Lumosity app as well. I definitely want to learn other languages because it would help me tremendously with my job.

  5. I love those programs. Too bad I quite them because of my work schedule. I need to get back on track.

  6. I LOVE this post! I heard about Lumosity and Duolingo, but Elevate is new to me. I’m gonna check that out

    1. ^elevate is really good!
      i enjoy that one a lot.
      they all have their set purpose in training your brain,
      but elevate is more in depth and has more to do outside of brain training.

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