Anti Lemonade

antilemonadeone thing i love about beyonce and rihanna,
during these eras of theirs,
is that they went completely outside the box.
that is art.
that is creativity.
that is taking a stand against what everyone thinks you should be doing.
they both released albums that don’t have huge radio hits.
they are all over the place on first listen.
their albums are very personal for them…

…which transcends to whats going on in our personal lives.

beyonce opening up and finally being vulnerable/woke
rihanna doing something different than her usual trendiness

so many times,
pop artists are told they have to make something for popularity.
the labels push them to make club songs.
they end up stressing themselves out trying to find that perfect song.
these two said:

“fuck it”

…and did their own thing.
i think that is inspiring.
everyone expected something “club ratchet”.
i’m completely over trap as is.
everything has a trap beat to it.
even the whites are trying to duplicate their own trap music.

MTM4MTA3NzEyODk3NTU4Mzgwi am drawn to more personal art.
i’m inspired me to be more open in my own.
sure i lovvveee a club joint,
but in this “era” of my life,
i’m working on myself and approaching my flaws head on.
i’m glad they both decided to think outside the box.
it may not be for everyone.
as long as you get it,
or need it,
then i say its a win for everyone.

lemonade – when life hands you lemons, make lemonade

^my life has landed me lemons so ima make a lemonade stand

anti – being opposed to what everyone else is doing

^out of the fucks i usually give.

i love it.

lowkey: i hope this music makes black wolves see what queens their sistas are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Anti Lemonade”

  1. I watch Lemonade last night. I love it. In my book this some of Beyoncé best work to date. I hope that she make more stuff like that.

  2. Lemonade is by far the best album Bey has put out. I feel like I have went on a journey when I saw her visual album. This era is going to be the best era ever.

  3. There is so much symbolism in Lemonade. From the lyrics, to the imagery, to the props in the Film. Every minute detail was carefully crafted. It is beautiful. Google the Goddess Oshun (African Yoruba Goddess), which was obviously the inspiration for her scene in the yellow dress. Beyonce took her time on this project, and it shows. It’s authentically her.

    This is how an artist grows. I know it’s easy to expect, or want an artist to stay the same….but Beyonce owes it to herself to move beyond booty shaking hits. Sometimes, we don’t grow with the artist. I remember 50 cent saying something like this. He mentioned that when he grew as an artist, unfortunately, many of his fans did not grow with him.

    She has grown beyond making trendy music. I’m proud of her for it. Her music is her Art. It should speak to her experience, not to the charts.

  4. The scene with her and yellow dress was so beautiful. I thought it was great when she was fucking everything up with a smile one her face. I don’t have tidal but I am going to buy the album when it’s on Google Play.

  5. I did not even know Lemonade was the album until after, nope. I had no idea. I know I was not only one tho lol. I did enjoy it.

  6. I feel like Beyoncé and Rihanna have wants to do albums like these for a long time but were met with opposition from the labels and such. Something about these pieces of work they have put out feels like years of thoughts and feelings and not just something they recently can up with.

    Like you said these aren’t the most radio friendly chart topping songs but raw and personal.

  7. I generally don’t like it when people talk about Beyonce and Rihanna in the same way I get uneasy when people talk about Prince and Michael.It frustrates me because many people tend to compare them and pick sides.I like all of them and feel they are all unique.What I appreciate about all of them is they weren’t complacent and they all are/were about challenging themselves.Like you said thinking outside the box,not accepting limitations on what a woman can do or with a Black person can do with their art.

    Shaun Robinson was a close of friend of Prince and she was on Dr.Drew Show the night he died along with his friend Van Jones.They talked about how Prince would always push them to challenge themselves,to do better.Shaun said Prince would say,”Whatever you do,Level UP.”.I appreciate that Beyonce and Rihanna are putting out art that is authentic rather than focusing on what is popular.I didn’t like a lot Prince’s more recent work but I respected he was doing music that was speaking his truth.
    I know a lot of people are criticizing Bey because of some of the themes featured in Lemonade like marital infidelity but life is messy and everything is not black and white.I loved it.I loved the focus on sisterhood and on black identity.

    1. ^i like adults.
      this is an adult opinion.
      i use to be a stan minded individual,
      but I grew the fuck up.
      the bad part is they never compare these vixens to their white counterparts.
      it’s always against each other.

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