The Straight Vixens Have Been Eatin’ Good


ever since “eatin the booty like groceries” became “in”,
it seems like a lot more straight wolves are secretly experimenting.
i’ve noticed 100% straight wolves have fatter tails.
i don’t know if it’s the gym or genetics,
but straight wolves always have the best bunz for feasting.
the vixens are lucky


yum yum.
hell liar liar told me she eats every wolf that she fucks groceries.
she claims that is how she turns them out and they always want more.
she told me she bends them over/legs in the air and gets to eatin’.
i asked her if they properly clean themselves and she responded:

i tell them take a shower beforehand.”

that’s it?

…Is this all the vixens require before cake tastin’?

straight wolves…
“fresh” bunz aren’t from scrubbing hard body between in the crack.
i wanted to tell her,
but naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.
she’ll learn during one of her hoe “tails”.

lowkey: i haven’t seen anyone saggin’ in a while.
the game has changed.

i see more tight sweat and track pants tho.

*videos credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Straight Vixens Have Been Eatin’ Good”

  1. Yeah I’m pretty sure her tounge has come across a unwanted surprise or two if all she is telling them to do is shower. Wolves in general don’t think about that area like that, that is unless she’s telling them ahead of time that’s what she’s gonna do

      1. @tbw…I saw a special where guys say they engage in homosexual acts because “they do what they gotta do” while in prison/jail.
        Even though a large number will still engage in male to male sex once released, they still identify as straight.
        The interviewer asked, well wouldn’t that make you bisexual since you’re dealing with males and females? The guy replied no, he’s straight.
        Although his actions are those of someone bisexual, he identifies as straight.

  2. The video of the dude with the white draws and red belt on is a thick one, he is the only one who actually has cake, the rest are just illusions.

  3. Ok…Is it only me that finds those video clips disturbing?
    I can only hope those are friends that are filming those clips for them to post online, because if not…that’s disturbing that someone can get up close on someone else’s ass like that, FILMING it no less!

  4. I got sum pix yesterday omg his booty was so big!!!! I love the amature feel whn u in public an see a big booty its breath taking lol #dontjudge

  5. The foto is Ballerprinze boyfriend. They post a lot fotos on Tumblr and Instagram, and they both got nice asses. Now to the videos, I will only eat the 3rd and last guy booties, but I am not a big fan of a guy showing his undies. I prefer to look at the ass with the sweats or jeans hugging on the booty, but I am obsessed with booties that eat basketball shorts. Ay ai ai the way those shorts are in between the cheeks and seeing the booty bouncing around.

    1. ^I don’t!! So glad that trend is fading!
      Now it’s all about wearing tight colorful athletic shyt: sweats, track pants, shorts, sneakers, etc.

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