When Life Hands You Lemons… (Call Beyonce)

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beyonce has made the world STOP yet again.
so i loved the visuals for “lemonade”.
that is the title of her special on hbo last night.
it is also the name of her new album.
the songs seem like growers,
but i really liked the special.
it made a beautiful and poetic story.
it’s 1 part jay allegedly cheating,
2 parts about the trials of being a black vixen,
and mix it all together with a whole lot of pain/anger/sadness/confusion.
(i hope i got the right message…)
i can dig whatever it is she is selling.

…does the foxhole have any thoughts?

lowkey: rumor has it this album only going to be on tidal.

the fuck?


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13 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons… (Call Beyonce)”

  1. I really love it. People expecting typical Beyonce won’t be too pleased lol. She is really causing you to think throughout the film and album. I also love the meaning behind the album title. It’s so relevant to the Black experience, especially the experiences that Black women go through. She consistently steps her game up.

  2. This album celebrates Black Womahood. They should be proud. Plus she gave so many upcoming and aspiring creatives a platform. And I love it. Seperatley, the beats thump! As a body of work, it’s a masterpiece. Those that question the depth of her artistry should seriously listen to this…

    Sidenote: that fucking country amd Kendrick songs, CRAZY!!! Lol

  3. This is an album you listen to allll the way through. This is not a singles album at all. Every song complements each other. I think this is the album people knew she was capable of making.

  4. I’m a fan but idk just wasn’t pleased I’ll still be waiting to see her June 5th here in Philly. Idk just feels like the album is all over the place. And before anyone attacks please spare me with the ‘I’m not thinking outside of the box, or deep enough arguments’ and I think she gave us BeyoncĂ© as always. I guess the whole album is a grower I guess I’ll see. Still in love with Bey but just not feeling this era so far

    1. I’m kinda with you there….. I can’t lie I know she said she always wants to reinvent herself but I miss when she made music with all the choreography and stuff. I feel like because her status has grown tremendously over the past few years, people expected her to grow so she went along with it. I still am looking forward to seeing her this summer though.

      OAN… “Sorry” “Love Drought” & “6 INCH” are my favs

  5. Great album. Now I’m really ready for this tour. I already have favorites “sorry” & “hold up” . But I know this will be another one I play until the wheels fall off .

    1. Same!! Hope they are singles. There is no one else that does it like this to me (full blown movie) and I love bey for this.

  6. I always figured beyonce was into some form of witchcraft. This video confirmed it to me. Theres a change happening…

  7. It was a journey that I’m glad I took. It started off like I expected it too and that was good but as if got to the middle certain things she said really struck a cord with me. When she was talking about love I got emotional, looking at the black mothers who have lost their sons to Police brutality I got emotional, and at the end looking at her love with Jay and the different kinds of love out there I nearly lost it.

    I loved the visuals in this and while there were some songs I was digging right away with or without the visuals, others are growers to me and I will have to hear them a few more times to see if I like them. All in all it was a beautiful, poetic, thought provoking hour.

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