Prince Has Been Cremated

1421025479_prince-zoomwelp there will be no huge funeral.
prince has been cremated in a private ceremony today.
this is the official word via entertainment tonight

Multiple sources confirmed to ET on Saturday that Prince’s body has been cremated.

A memorial service is being held for the “Purple One” at his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota, today. State troopers were gathered at the complex and helped escort family and friends inside as they began to pay their respects to the late singer.

“He wanted it to be kept to the minimum of fuss. Prince was such figure you don’t need a funeral to remember him by,” a family friend said. “He wanted to simply disappear with no fuss, no drama, no fanfare. It was just his style.” – added from ny daily news

The news comes just one day after Prince’s body was released to his family following an autopsy. As ET previously reported, the results of the exam will take several days to come back.

A few hours after the autopsy was completed, Carver Country Sheriff Jim Olson held a press conference, in which he addressed all the public information that’s currently available in regard to the ongoing police investigation to determine how the “Purple Rain” singer died.

i’m sure he had his instructions planned out.
i was actually wondering if they would have televised it like whitney and mj.
i guess i got my answer.
seeing as how prince was so private,
this is very fitting.

rip to the legend,



lowkey: why am i crying like this?
everytime i write about prince,
i am in legit tears.

articles taken: et online | new york daily news

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4 thoughts on “Prince Has Been Cremated”

    1. This is the way I want my funeral to be. No long drawn out fuss. When it’s time to give thanks and bid farewell.

  1. I’m not surprised Prince knew that life WASN’T about him…he was just a small piece of the grand design…may he Rest in God…SN: I seen the Lemonade visual album on Tidal, i was NOt impressed at all…but i still will be in attendance when the Queen Bey lands in Philly June 5th

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