so beyonce is pushing homophobia?

speaking of,
i’m due to listen to “lemonade” soon.
i like to give queen b’s music a break so i can miss her.

i don’t take it as seriously as some,
but i hate when i’m chatting with a straight wolf and it’s:

“PAUSE this; PAUSE that.”

we get it,
you’re straight and say questionable shit.
i wasn’t judging before.
i will going forward.
the straights who know i get down get checked asap for it.
well a trans-vixen from “pose” on fx,
angelica ross,
called out beyonce for her using the word,

“I don’t give a fuck,
chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls,
I had enough…
– “sorry“, lemonade

these are her tweets
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Wendy Williams Hubby Has A Whole Mistress Out Here?

who would have thought wendy williams would be a “hot topic”?
i bet she won’t talk about herself.
well it seems this all explains aunt wendy’s strange behavior as of late.
she has been “off”,
especially crying during certain episodes last season,
but i guess she had a reason.
big kev aka kevin hunter,
has been doing a whole cheating on her.
so much so,
he bought the side piece an alleged crib.
peep this “special investigation” from “the daily mail”
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Will Angela Simmons Serve You Lemonade Soon?

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.22.32 PMshe is such a pretty vixen to be in all this fuck shit.
remember this story with ( x angela simmons )?
well it didn’t take long for the foolishness to come out.
that baby favvah of hers is cheating on her.
so this is all the alleged evidence fameolous has…
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The Status About The Becky With The Good Hair?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.54.26 PMso the hive already made guantanamo bay in rachel roy’s ig.
she is the alleged “becky with the good hair” b was singing about.
they even assaulted her daughter’s ig as well.
rachel is probably in witness protection as we speak.
well a vix-bi may have a lead into rachel’s past life.
so rachel use to be married to the late nba baller wolf,
yinka dare.
the vix-bi was really close to that situation.
she knows a good friend of the late yinka.
he was also around during the marriage of yinka and rachel.
this is what he posted on his facebook about rachel…
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Who You Callin’ A Becky? ( U N I T Y )

tumblr_nfjvc7HJPN1sy1evpo1_500this “lemonade” is stirring up a lot of drama.
everyone has something to say.
side chicks and now white chicks.
that line in the song,

“becky with the good hair”

…is causing a lot of commotion.
 iggy azalea ain’t with it.
well someone decided to call her “becky” on twitter.
“becky” is term used for snow bunnies.
this is what she had to say
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Put Your Lips On This and Drink Slow (My Lemonade)


*smacks lips*
ain’t nothing like a nice glass of lemonade.
my cousin hybrid and i were talking about this new beyonce album today.
he wasn’t a big beyonce fan before,
but this album lured him in.
he isn’t quite in the hive tho.
well he broke the album down pretty legit.
the thing i love about him is his exceptional eye for detail.
i had to agree with him during our mini debate.
it had me like “ooooooohhhhh this tastes so good”

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