Put Your Lips On This and Drink Slow (My Lemonade)


*smacks lips*
ain’t nothing like a nice glass of lemonade.
my cousin hybrid and i were talking about this new beyonce album today.
he wasn’t a big beyonce fan before,
but this album lured him in.
he isn’t quite in the hive tho.
well he broke the album down pretty legit.
the thing i love about him is his exceptional eye for detail.
i had to agree with him during our mini debate.
it had me like “ooooooohhhhh this tastes so good”

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You Can Get Your “Lemonade” At Midnight


“i had my ups and downs,
but i always found the inner strength to pull myself up.
i was served lemons,
but i made lemonade.”

it looks like b is releasing “lemonade” tonight at midnight on itunes.
( x see new york times art for more details )
so all you new tidal subscribers,
as of last night,
can either stick with your free trial or…


lowkey: i’m glad i waited.


Anti Lemonade

antilemonadeone thing i love about beyonce and rihanna,
during these eras of theirs,
is that they went completely outside the box.
that is art.
that is creativity.
that is taking a stand against what everyone thinks you should be doing.
they both released albums that don’t have huge radio hits.
they are all over the place on first listen.
their albums are very personal for them…

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When Life Hands You Lemons… (Call Beyonce)

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.32.49 AM

beyonce has made the world STOP yet again.
so i loved the visuals for “lemonade”.
that is the title of her special on hbo last night.
it is also the name of her new album.
the songs seem like growers,
but i really liked the special.
it made a beautiful and poetic story.
it’s 1 part jay allegedly cheating,
2 parts about the trials of being a black vixen,
and mix it all together with a whole lot of pain/anger/sadness/confusion.
(i hope i got the right message…)
i can dig whatever it is she is selling.

…does the foxhole have any thoughts?

lowkey: rumor has it this album only going to be on tidal.

the fuck?


I’m Thirsty for Some Lemonade

beyonce-tour-bb5-topline-2016-billboard-650so i’m sure you know already.
the hive definitely ain’t keeping quite about it.
 beyonce is making some secret “lemonade” over at hbo.
she shared a longer trailer to accompany the teaser trailer…

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