I’m Thirsty for Some Lemonade

beyonce-tour-bb5-topline-2016-billboard-650so i’m sure you know already.
the hive definitely ain’t keeping quite about it.
 beyonce is making some secret “lemonade” over at hbo.
she shared a longer trailer to accompany the teaser trailer…


well she is coming


…and i predict an album on the way.
this week?
as a creative,
i love the visuals.
i feed off shit like this.
i’m getting a heavy “american horror story creole”.
i love a good theme so i hope she brings one this era.

lowkey: how funny i was writing this and “xo” started playing on spotify.
the john mayer version tho.

i’ve been on it psychically.
this is going to be an exciting week.
i can feel it.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “I’m Thirsty for Some Lemonade”

  1. don’t even get me started on how “stay with me” by sam smith is now playing and as soon as i posted this entry,
    in the entry left overs,
    the sam smith “stay with me” entry was the first thing.

  2. Come ALL the way through QUEEN. Once her & Drake drop their albums, all of the people who dropped their albums earlier this year (2016) will be yesteryear’s news. I am ready!

  3. I’m bored with her!!!!! And she’s getting too weird just to be different!!! Give me Mary J, Alicia, Mariah!!!! They never stray too far or get to weird and they make music you will be listening too for years to come!!! Soul/R&B!!! Straight with no chaser!!!!

  4. Here comes the “queen of OVERHYPE” … meanwhile. Rihanna offically surpassed the Beatles today, for most weeks at #1. She ranks 2nd only to Mariah Carey

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