The Prom Dress of The Future?

a time when high school students dress up to celebrate their last hoorah.
i’ve seen some interesting prom dresses over the years,
but this one is causing a controversy via spirtualword


i bet you couldn’t tell her SHIT that night.
well it’s a little sheer!
she is definitely making a statement with that plunging neck line.
she dressed like on stage for a “love and hiphop” reunion.
i could see her buying that dress off some instagram boutique too.
the ones that sell these:

there are definitely a new set of thots vixens now.
may the most naked in a public space win!
so i had to ask the foxhole:

Is her prom dress appropriate?

pictures credited: spiritualword

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “The Prom Dress of The Future?”

  1. Am I basic for thinking the dress is kinda cute? It’s too much for prom and a teenager though. I wish these people would stop balling out for prom, it’s really not worth it. I know from experience lol.

    1. That dress is nice and different and can we get a break from tearing down our own people. They are teenagers and it is sad when adults want to pick on children.

  2. Just hope her dates outfit was equally as sheer and/or see through…and HE would have a purse to hold in the way.

  3. Appropriate?! Hell NAW!! If I were the principal…I wouldn’t let them in the venue. Most parents would think there is nothing wrong with the dress..which would make me question their parenting skills, but what are you teaching your child if you let her go out dressed like that?!
    Because rest assured, although they SHOULDN’T…there are boys and MEN out there who don’t know how to control themselves and will say or do inappropriate things.

  4. .I have a daughter going to prom this year. She wants a mermaid/fishtail dress too. The look is in this year. It’s a battle. Our children are growing up deluged with reality shows like Housewives of Atlanta etc and artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce. Sexy clothes are in. It’s a battle to get them to tone it down but I have a general rule. Your dress should only accentuate one part of your body. Will it be your legs, your breasts, or your back. You cannot wear an outfit where all three are exposed at the same time.

  5. I truly thought this was going to be a story with a twist and this was a trans-gendered boy who was not allowed to wear this dress. Wow, this is just tacky unless you are going to the Grammy’s and you have Platinum albums under your belt. I think every year it gets worse until they might as well say come Butt-Ass-Naked. That Gucci get up in that first pic made me weep, and say Why Lawd Why. I hope her GPA is higher than that plunging neck line. She thinks she is the S to the HIT and the dress looks like something that Kim Parker made in her fashion design class on Season 4 of the Parkers. The THOTS have taken over and are not going anywhere, and there THEME is “Taking Tacky to New Unseen Heights” Somebody call Obama and have that Instagram Boutique shut down for selling tacky merchandise in the first degree. No THOT formed against me shall prosper. #FIXITJESUS

    1. LOOL! you just took me out! “I hope her GPA is higher than that plunging neck line”
      #dead You always get me.

  6. she looks GOOD. People are just haters. I went to my prom a back in 2013 but if any girls wore that they would have been dismissed LOL. I went to a Catholic school so they wasn’t about to let that fly.

    1. @Est.1996…that’s not hating. That’s concern. That dress is inappropriate for a girl her age, and it has no place at a prom.
      Are you saying it’s fine for young ladies to walk around with their titties and ass all on display, leaving very little to the imagination?
      If so, and you have daughters and let them go out of the house dressed like that…you better have a handgun on standby.
      A dress like that is inviting trouble, and as I said before…although some men and boys should know better, they will say or do something appropriate seeing a woman/girl in an outfit like that. Makes me question that parent’s judgment to allow their child to dress like that…if even for one night.

      It’s not hating. It’s concern.

  7. It looks like a little girl trying to be grown.
    Maybe because I’m catholic, but I feel sick to my stomach, she’s too young to be acting like a whore. And I already know she probably been through some gangbangs in bed.

  8. The dress is not age appropriate. My daughter would not be showing cleavage and her back would not be out.

  9. She going to a prom not a premier that require the red carpet, poppazzi and photographers…people need so much attention these days….

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