He’s With Some Ungrateful Hoe Right Now (He’s Cummin’ Soon)

tumblr_n1il62EkGr1rsxv9zo1_500ever so often,
i like to give good advice.
 i don’t follow my own advice sometimes,
but who does?
i was speaking to a vixen i met recently on the phone earlier.
she was feeling down about trying to attract a wolf.
as most of us,
she is asking:

that is kinda depressing.
anyway this is what i told her in a nutshell…

your wolf is out there.
he might right now be in a relationship.,
he has fallen out of love with the vixen he is with,
she may have cheated on him,
or she simply doesn’t know a good thing.
in his mind,
he is saying that the next vixen he dates will have the qualities you have.
so once he drops her,
or he maybe single and looking like you,

he is going to start working on being a better wolf.
he might even be on the prowl and looking.

you will both be in the same situation together.
he might be in the same grocery aisle as you,
knows a friend who will introduce you,
or will sit next to you on your next plane ride.
he is getting ready for you so you need to get ready for him.
start working on being the best vixen for your future wolf.
he is cummin…

tumblr_lwufve02071r62k6uo1_500i have never heard so many screams on a phone before.
she was truly grateful for what i told her.
funny enough,
years ago,
her cousin who happens to be a psychic told her the same thing.
my spirit told me to tell her what i told her.
it flowed naturally for whatever reason.
i could sense it was going to put a little pep in her step for a while.

i’m glad i could help.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “He’s With Some Ungrateful Hoe Right Now (He’s Cummin’ Soon)”

  1. It’s funny how easy it is for me to give my friends words of encouragement but I can’t seem to find those same words for myself.

    The words you gave her were supportive as hell, I’m sure she’s feeling a lot better about her situation.

  2. I think I’m like my mom if a man leaves me. All well, who cares? I don’t have time to be crying for that person, I gotta make myself look good for the next person.

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