I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (50)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_5001-3so you go to the zoo one afternoon.
one that just happens to be in toronto.
shut up and play along.
so you go the zoo and your hat somehow falls in the tiger’s cage.
instead of going for help,
this is what you do

lmao @ that snow wolf dragging her.
“you just taught these cubs you’re a moron.”
24b6zk4if that tiger would have eaten her,
i may have laughed.
it’s like the snow vixen who goes to investigate in a scary movie.
giphysome hyenas just deserve the fate handed to them.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (50)

    1. Sad to say I was thinking the same thing. I mean really, you risk your life for a HAT?!!
      People do stupid shyt. They really do. I guarantee you though, had he been attacked, they probably would have tried to sue!
      Don’t know how things like that apply in Canada, but here in the States…you better believe a lawsuit would’ve followed!

      1. I’m surprise that a Canadian would be this stupid to do that.
        I totally agree with you about the lawsuit. My mom’s friend’s husband is going to try to sue Lowes for a little boo boo when he picked up a box of nails and cut his finger just a little, like a pinch. The doctor placed a band aid on it. He thinks he got a strong case. I hope he does go to court because when he loses, he gotta pay the lawyer fees.

  1. I’ve never been to a zoo, circus, etc. hate seeing healthy animals confined to cages and artificial spaces. Because when the animals escape or attack, they’re perfectly in the right to me.

    That lady is also an example of shit that annoys me. Like, go somewhere and stick your dick head up someone else’s ass and mind your own.

  2. The youtube comments be killing me. “women escapes tiger to be attacked by two silver backs!” so done!

  3. Now it was dumb thing to do but why do people insist on dropping harm on others. Saying things like the tiger should have eaten her is just as barbaric.

    Not excusing her stupidity but people say some of the vilest stuff.

    Give her a hefty fine for what she did, warn the kids watching to NEVER do such a halfhearted thing & call it that.

    Im thankful there was something there between the two. Itd be pretty disturbing to see a fellow human being ripped to shreds by an animal.

    1. Jai…you just validated our point. Thank you very much.
      If there is a CAGE/GATE surrounding a Tiger/Lion enclosure, that means STAY THE HELL OUTTA THERE, correct?
      If a $20 hat falls into said enclosure…you’re REALLY going to risk your life for that hat?! It’s not worth it, and he is VERY lucky that there was an additional obstacle to prevent that Tiger from gettin at that ass…’cause he was definitely trying.
      People do stupid things,and as much as I’d like to say only white people do them, I can’t because I’ve seen all kinds of people doing stupid shyt.
      But jumping into a lion, tiger, bear enclosure is stupid as hell…and sorry to say, you deserve whatever happens to you if you do because there are plenty of signs around that say not to!!

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