cleiton lobo thinks gay males wear dresses and heels to do that gay thing?

the straights have interesting ideas of what gay males are like.
many of them associate being gay with stereotypes they see in the media.

We are all feminine,
wearing dresses,
and twirling around while listening to early Beyonce.

…and for some,
that might be true and thats totally fine.
cleiton lobo,
did a skit a foxholer sent to me.
a vixen,
in a skit,
asked him if he would be gay for an hour to get 1 billi...

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lil yachty in this dress and kitten heels got some males triggered

some straight males are way too insecurefor their own good.
they can’t even let their toxic masculinity rest for a few seconds.
lil yachty came out with a video for “oprah’s bank account“,
featuring drake and dababy,
where he plays a version of the talk show legend.

well you know the straight jackals were fuming at him in a dress.
lil yachty addressed the backlash on his twitter…

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brandon t. jackson is full of sin and shame

religion is one of the worst things to happen to black folks.
they take that shit and run into a whole field of contradictions.
growing up,
i thought brandon t. jackson was so fine.
he had me open in “lottery ticket“.
these days,
he is a black hebrew isrealite who claims his career took a hit because of sin.
you’ll never guess what it was via “tmz“…

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So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…


rihanna is the only artist right now to merge:


 …into a perfect little package.
i am always ready to see what she brings to the table during big events.
it’s always something that she wears.
it never wears her.
i was hoping she attended the 2017 met gala was last night.
she did in a commes des garcon “avant garde” ensemble:

…with heels from her dsquared2 line along with a watch from her chopard line.
well she got rave reviews she put up on her ig…
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Kim Kardashian Puts The “Hoe” In “Holy”

when rumors said kim kardashian was getting more “holy”,
after that alleged paris robbery,
this is not what i thought she had in mind…
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The Prom Dress of The Future?

a time when high school students dress up to celebrate their last hoorah.
i’ve seen some interesting prom dresses over the years,
but this one is causing a controversy via spirtualword
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