brandon t. jackson is full of sin and shame

religion is one of the worst things to happen to black folks.
they take that shit and run into a whole field of contradictions.
growing up,
i thought brandon t. jackson was so fine.
he had me open in “lottery ticket“.
these days,
he is a black hebrew isrealite who claims his career took a hit because of sin.
you’ll never guess what it was via “tmz“…

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So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…


rihanna is the only artist right now to merge:


 …into a perfect little package.
i am always ready to see what she brings to the table during big events.
it’s always something that she wears.
it never wears her.
i was hoping she attended the 2017 met gala was last night.
she did in a commes des garcon “avant garde” ensemble:

…with heels from her dsquared2 line along with a watch from her chopard line.
well she got rave reviews she put up on her ig…
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They Want Your Ass First; Your Brain Cums Never?

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.30.23 PMi love his hair.
super swagg.
so a vix-bi sent me some old tweets from david banner today.
she wanted my opinion since every sista went in on him.
apparently he lost a few fans over his comments.
lets take a look why…
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