brandon t. jackson is full of sin and shame

religion is one of the worst things to happen to black folks.
they take that shit and run into a whole field of contradictions.
growing up,
i thought brandon t. jackson was so fine.
he had me open in “lottery ticket“.
these days,
he is a black hebrew isrealite who claims his career took a hit because of sin.
you’ll never guess what it was via “tmz“…

Brandon T. Jackson says he was on “thin ice” with God for playing a gay character in “Tropic Thunder” … but says wearing a dress in “Big Mommas” was worse for him.

Jackson famously played Alpa Chino in the 2008 Ben Stiller flick — a closeted actor who accidentally revealed feelings for a guy named “Lance” … it was a hilarious scene.

But, Jackson is now a pretty religious Black Hebrew Israelite — and playing gay doesn’t jive with his religious beliefs.

“I was on thin ice then with the father,” Jackson said on “TMZ Live” … “But, he had his mercy and his grace was there.”

Jackson says the bigger issue is when he wore a women’s dress for his role in the 2011 Martin Lawrence flick, “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.”

Jackson says he broke a religious law prohibiting men from wearing women’s clothing — “And, when you break a law you get punished.”

So, what went wrong? Jackson says his career and his personal life took a serious hit and he even uses the word “curse.”

“If you don’t follow all the commandments that the Torah says to do, you’ll be cursed.”

27 thoughts on “brandon t. jackson is full of sin and shame

  1. Did he really blame the gay roles for his career? So he just gonna forget he played a Minotaur and these low budget roles. Lottery ticket, roll bounce, and the other movies where you didn’t even know he was in it. Don’t blame the gay and Big Momma’s House wasn’t even gay, he was in drag. The drag and gay didn’t hurt Will Smith. The drag working for Tyler and Martin. Even RuPaul getting mainstream attention for drag. He looking for something to make him relevant because he could have been Erik Killmonger. Michael B. Jordan started just like him. He was gay in The Wire. Now he is an Oscar Nominated actor.

  2. I saw this coming, years ago Brandon had a public breakdown at one of his comedy shows. He started screaming about not being the next Kevin Hart and about feeling stuck in his career. It was really cringey and I felt bad for him. But he needs to understand that you can’t blame the gay agenda because the phones stopped ringing. When you hit snags in life that simply means you have reformulate your plan not sit and complain.

  3. Brandon just does not have it anymore, acting wise or physically, and he can shift the blame all he wants. W e have gay actors in Hollywood of all different religions and backgrounds that are still thriving. Brandon needs to quit complaining and figure it out before it is too late.

  4. He was recently in a movie with a bisexual character and was pretty flamboyant in the Percy Jackson movies. He can stop this and slide into my DMs so I can work him out.

  5. I’ve met celebrities. There is a thin line between talent and mental illness. I think this guy has crossed out.

    Stop using thinly veiled homophobia hidden behind religion to explain why your career has fallen off track. Take acting lessons. Swallow you pride and do local theater. And lastly, stop taking stupid roles.

  6. He looks a fat sloppy mess. He was fine and corny back in the day. A shame. Anyways, I don’t understand why people think men dressed as women is funny or entertaining. I think it’s weird and stupid. Nobody is gonna remember those Madea movies in 10 years and we already forgot about Big Mommas House. He has a right to his religious beliefs. What someone eats don’t make me shit.

  7. At the end of the day, being a gay guy and wearing dresses (particularly drag) is fabulous—and no human construct of a deity exists, so it’s all good. Lol

  8. Being punished for wearing a dress??? What an idiot!! It’s called LIFE! Bad things happen to all people!! Don’t try to make it sound like God is the bad guy!! You reap what you sow, more than likely he’s treated someone bad/or pissed them off.

  9. Black Hebrews are the “Absolute Worst”!!!!!!!! ( I know some) .

    They are Homophobic and Crazy!!!!! I gave this one Love, Adoration, acceptance ,support and she cut off all ties because I said . —“I am a Christian who accepts all people ,Muslims, Jews ,Buddhist and I accepted proven science facts about the world.

    They and Trump supporters are OUT OF TOUCH AND COLD!!!!!

  10. Brandon is the son of a famous Bishop (Wayne T. Jackson) so that might explain some of his self hate. He was marketed as the next it comedian, than he disappeared and wants to blame it on a dress.

  11. There might be some truth to the DL thing. There was a notorious wolf n the south that use to bust down all matter of cheeks. He became a black Isrealite and found god and then he turned completely parnoid. I think it was a combination of bad weed and self hatred. If one were to do a deep dive in these black Isrealite past theres probably alot of skeletons in the closet. I’m not judging any one who is born again, just dont damn people when you were also in the lifestyle.

    1. Though I will also add that if he expects to complete all 513 laws of the Torah (which Ive known off) he’s got another thing coming. If fact, I can see he’s broken quite a few of them laws … “Cough” already.

      1. All, I’mma say is that he probably is doing what he’s doing now because he was guilty of what he used to do… *Cough*

        I ain’t trying to be too messy… Maybe he did become “born again” but he wasn’t always like how he’s presenting himself now & he needs to calm down & learn to love everyone for who they are cause we all have our skeletons in the closet including him.

        He probably going through that withdrawal phase. Pray the man gets his mind straight..(no pun.)

          1. Lol. I dont want to get too much into it like that. I know no one on here knows me to that extent but meh. I think you know what I’m hinting at. 🤣

            Either way, I agree with you. He is (or was) a handsome black man who is losing that cute look cuz he acting crazy right now.

            And as you stated in your post, they do be fuckin around when they be traveling, even when they are married. 🤣😂🤣😂

  12. Chile, the last time I checked men wore robes (dresses) in the Bible and God kept all of them. All of a sudden God has a problem with him wearing a dress in a motion picture? Naw, the real TEA is that mouth ministry! You can’t spew hate at people and expect THE CREATOR to co-sign your mess. No Ma’am! Try again, stop blaming God for your missteps!!! Honey, God is booked and BUSY!!! 👀👀👀💀

  13. So countless actors and rappers have orgies, countless women, drugs, alcohol even sex cults and their career makes them multi millionaires and billionaires. Tyler Perry wearing a dress led to millions but God stops his career because he made a forgettable performance wearing a dress? Martin played Mama Payne, Sheneneh, and multiple other characters, Eddie Too even Dave Chappelle wore a dress but when Brandon did it Heaven couldn’t wait. Then he’s a Black Hebrew Israelite i see these brothas on corners in Philly talking trash to people when questioned spewing racist rhetoric. He’s part of a cult where the Men dont work but spread their semen

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