he cooked the killer his last meal before he was killed

The Universe doesn’t want me on any dating/hook up apps.
every single time i think of making a profile,
following behind my straight friends having “luck”,
the foxhole brings me right back down to earth.
this time,
the victim is down in atlanta.
his name was frankie tyrone russell and he was killed in his home.
a foxholer sent me the tweet and well…

this picture is absolutely chilling:

this is more details from “fox 5 atlanta“:

He was a beloved member of many circles with lots of friends and family who are mourning his loss. DeKalb County police are asking for help in finding the man who murdered Frankie Tyrone Russell as investigators release new surveillance pictures and video from inside his home.

His family and friends said he was a man with multiple talents who was loved by many. On a video sent to FOX 5 News, Russell is leading a church choir in his hometown of Columbia, Tennessee. Family members told FOX 5 News, Russell went back and forth between Tennessee and his home on Deer Springs Drive in DeKalb County.

Homicide investigators said surveillance video from inside Russell’s home shows a man who shot and killed him.

His daughter, Ashley Russell, spoke to FOX 5 News from Tennessee. She said her dad who was also a chef with a catering business, was preparing a meal for the man.

“He was about to grill a meal for whoever it was. He was standing at the table just pouring him a drink and he never saw it coming,” said Russell.

The killer had various tattoos including one on his left arm which appears to read “money.” Investigators said Russell had gone out to pick up a man he had met on a dating app to bring him back to his house. Sergeant Lynn Shuler said one of the cameras inside Russell’s home recorded the murder itself.

“They were both in a very relaxed state right before the shots were fired,” said Sgt. Shuler.

He said the murder may have been an ambush. Sgt. Shuler also told FOX 5 News the man ransacked Russell’s house before running away, adding it’s unclear what if anything was stolen.

the fact there is a whole video of his murder disturbs me.
he obviously was talking to this hyena for a while.
i wouldn’t be cooking no meals for “one night dick“.
it’s very sad,
but i have to keep reminding:


the hyenas and jackals know how this all works.
i hope they find whoever killed him soon.
may he rip.

article cc: fox 5 atlanta

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “he cooked the killer his last meal before he was killed”

  1. This is scary. Whether in your home, hotel room or Airbnb whether you met them in person or on an app or have known them for years you really cant trust people and any interaction with others is a risk. Folks be cautious and ask God for discernment because spiritual energy and vibes will give you a strong warning about people before anything else will. Obviously he knew his killer since they both were comfortable. That guy manipulated him, made the victim comfortable. What’s even more sinister is that he could’ve killed him when the victim picked him up. Instead he waited to get back to the home. Be careful what you tell folks about your occupation and etc. This man had money and the killer seen an opportunity for a come up. They know many gay Men make coins

  2. Man, I’ve stressed stuff like this so many times about how gay men love to chase up after straight looking ones.

    However, Ive also said there are homosexual serial killers too & Black ones. In fact there are quite a few black serial killers who for one reason or another never get as much press as the White ones but there are definitely some out there.

    Good thing about me is that I’m detailed so when I did those apps things, I knew what I was looking for (never found it) and you needed to prove it to me. I need all my details about a dude. One thing someone else pointed out in a past post that I can’t disagree with. I hold a high regard between getting to know someone and sex which meant in the past, if I don’t know enough about you or have been talking to you for a lil while, your dick staying in your pants…. (I never got laid… Lol)

    It may be just me, I’m a tough cookie and all but I just can’t imagine how anyone could have a soul & take a human life with not a single fuk. You have to be some kind of evil to do that. To sit and meditate up a plan to deceive & murder a man/woman.

    A lot of gay men are lonely.. (straight old men too) Not even speaking from a sex point but just someone they can chill with and talk to. Straight (& some homosexual) demons know that.

    Out of the few times I did meet with guys, I have talked to them for months beforehand except once. The sex was lackluster…I’m talking Whitney Houston, “Now I’m A Keeper At the Damn zoo” bad.

    Fuk all that Jack’d and Grindr mess. Go find a man in a normal setting. A REAL social event.

  3. Thank god we now live in a society where things can be recorded with home security. This man will not get away and the ID will help. I went to hookup with a dude at his penthouse and I was about to get down on both knees in the living room and he told me, “not here”, because he had surveillance. Now it would have been better if he was in a condo, or Hotel front desk would also be able to ID the perp and he would have though twice about pulling a stunt. I bet he didn’t think about that camera and its too bad it didn’t save the victims life tho.

  4. The investigation tells us they got access to the victim’s phone and found their conversation(s). Every text and pic you send/receive can be seen regardless if deleted. They can also see which tower you pinged last and if you connected to WiFi.

    A few things can be deducted from them releasing that video screen cap—the victim never exchanged face pictures, names, or identifying info. This was most likely someone he did not know and a random hookup.

    It’s just not worth your safety if a person can’t give you multiple pics, a name, or a Facebook. I don’t know why people think meeting in public is better than going to a person’s house, which can be used to identify someone if you ever went missing. The goal here is to make sure the assailant can be found if something happens to you

  5. People probably like meeting in public because you often can have multiple witnesses who can identity the culprit. I know if I ever met someone in a public setting it would be where I am known or frequent. Not everyone pays attention to folks but some people do and it would be nice, in case the killer throws your phone into the river or something or whatever they do to try and hide the evidence.

    I know that apps like Jackd and Grindr have things where they can ping your location. When I used them in the past I always asked more about dudes since I do kinda have this thing with getting to know people more first.

    Serial Killers don’t like to be seen with someone in public for too long. A true killer would probably love to go to someone’s home because the person would feel more secure in their own place and let down their guard down more. They used to always say when something gets stolen out of your house, it’s usually by someone that has already been inside it.

    On a good note, at least we have better technology now which could work in the favor of the victim.

    The only time the real serial killers likes to be around their victims in a public setting is after they’ve committed the crime because they delight in seeing their work like an artist who constructs a painting.

    In any case, anyone can be a serial killer or one in the making, there could be some on the Foxhole, at your job, school or wherever. Some of them just haven’t acted out their deeds yet.

    FBI states there are between 25 – 50 active serial killers operating in the US with an average of 3 people per year.

    I was studing up on REAL serial killers for a discussion topic one day and remember coming across one from Columbia who may have killed 300+ boys. Most of them were orphans/homeless. He would lure, rape, sexually torture (ram blunt objects in their anus) and then finally kill and dismember them. He has been doing this for years. Columbia has this law about sentencing which is 40 years or whatever and he is scheduled to be released in 2021. However, his crimes against children may boost his sentencing and he will probably die in prison.

    That ruffian above who killed the gay guy is just some low leveled demonic entity with no regards for human life at all.

    I do believe in preservation of human life but when you kill another human in situations like this, you need to be eradicated because you will kill again if needed.

    In this case, I do stand by an eye for an eye or a life for a life. He didn’t give the victim a chance, he doesn’t need one either. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Many gay men have this fascination with “rough trade.” This guy definitely fits the bill. Anytime you got to pick up a dude and cook for him it’s not worth it. He was an attractive man. There are plenty of gay men he could have messed with. Atlanta has bathhouses — go to that. But leave those confused, DL men alone. They are dangerous. And then there are some like this man who just want to rob you.

  7. I shared a story on here before about two men who met on a gay chat line and one killed the other and ended up living in his house, driving his car etc. Cooking a meal for a one night stand or even a lover is irrelevant; if a killer wants to kill they’ll kill… regardless of how long they’ve known their victim. A killer is a killer, just like a liar is a liar, a cheater is a cheater, and a thief is a thief.

    I’m about half-sick of Twitter showcasing violence anyway. The amount of macabre shit on there is enough to put a normal person in therapy.

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