so i’ll be tuning into “tyler perry’s the oval” for vaughn hebron

so i have a new crush

i love new meat to fill me with protein.
so i decided to check out “tyler perry’s the oval” tonight.
i wanted to see what the conversations was really about.
the only conversation i want t have is about “barry”.
he is played by vaughn hebron.



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Reset! Refresh!! Restart!!! The grind continues…

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a little on vaughn:

age: 28
height: 6’1
weight: 190
forest: baltimore
college: lafayette college
fraternity: que


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Me and clothes just donโ€™t get along sometimes ya know ๐Ÿ“ธ: @bernardo.ports

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Challenge yourself to always be better than you were yesterday….

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Immaculately melanated ๐Ÿด

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from his bio,
vaughn had a “job job” until he got laid off.
he ended up moving to atl and booked a short film gig.
after that,
he starred in commercials and got other acting work.

i love that he ended up following his dreams and look how far he came.
he was also in kway’s production,
“titi do you love me”:

sans titi,
you know what i really loved tho?

His sex scene he had in the first episode

nipple action on bet,
can we say i’m glad tyler is getting into the “sex scene business“?

that side profile shot tho:

i hope to see more of vaughn.
he’s just the meal i needed to get me up outta my funk.
you can watch the first episode of “tyler perry’s the oval”:


…which comes on every wednesday at 9pm on bet.

lowkey: i loved this recent tweet…

that’s how you know you’ve made it.
one day,
i hope that will be me.

all pictures and media cc: vaughn hebron
check out vaughn: website | instagram | facebook | youtube

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “so i’ll be tuning into “tyler perry’s the oval” for vaughn hebron”

  1. Black men, black…Lord have mercy! & Thank you Tyler Perry, for casting this beauty, Travis Cure and others in this TV show & others. I haven’t watched it yet but now I probably will.

  2. What? We must not have watched the same show or y’all got blinded by the sexiness. I wasn’t expecting much after it opened to that fight scene.

    I’ve been seeing nothing but complaints all over Twitter. We know Tyler Perry never lacks on the eye candy, but these past movies/shows have been a major downgrade and disappointment. Amateur sound effects, editing, acting, camera work, and storylines.

    I wanted to like it because I like what he’s doing. But I’m just not feeling Tyler Perry’s storylines lately. They’re getting played out real fast. The victimization of black women. Always portraying them as weak-minded, dependant on men, and psychotic. In what life? Black women are well educated and successful, especially when compared to black men.

    1. That “ma’am, ma’am” wa’s not doing anything. Why didn’t he just leave the room..let alone he wasnt obligated. .bad writing

    2. I have never seen anything so unintentionally bad as the House of Payne show. When you have Jackee Harry say a “funny” line followed by dead silence followed by a laugh track that is 10 seconds too late.

      And then it’s like someone forgot their lines or didn’t know how to emote properly and without the laugh track I honestly had no idea what was said was meant to be a joke and not an abusive threat. Jesus. Don’t get me started on haves and have nots.

      It’s like they filmed, cut and edited it in a day to air that night.

      Good for Tyler P. but I don’t get why he is putting out such low effort content. Like damn!

    3. He also portrays gay men in a terrible light. I guarantee you that one of these shows are going to have a typical gay character who’s on the DL and has AIDS. Tyler seems to love writing DL gay characters with AIDS

  3. I saw this in question. Very terrible writing and comes off like a YouTube television series….but I’m not gonna sit up here and lie and act like that man ain’t fine. That dude from Sistas fine af too.. Perry only gives us teasing glimpses tho.. I love seeing me some black men, and especially if they a dark like the brotha above. ๐Ÿ˜

    As long as they aren’t homophobic heterobots, I can watch em all day.

    I am not trying to be mean to Mr. Perry or anything but he needs to have a better method of creating stuff. I don’t want to hear know homophobic bashing either from his followers…when the content he produces ain’t all holy. ๐Ÿคฃ

    If I had millions of dollars I’d be making shit for LGBTQ with charisma like Noah’s Arc with a more realistic approach like Insecure. Id love to have a spin-off or side show like Girlfriends that has a trans woman, gay black man, black lesbian and black trans man as the main cast for the show.

    Speaking of which…is that show cancelled & when are we suppose to get that show about a bisexual black man? Will this ever happen during my lifetime? Lol

  4. Tyler saturates his movies with fine black men to offset the abysmal acting and horrid storylines. Nearly 20 years in the business and Tyler Perrys writing is still contrived, basic, and amateur. Ive seen better stories on Youtube. Baby is fine and so are the guys in Sistas but for me, it is NOT enough for me to stomach 30 minutes of this lowbrow mess.

  5. Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels are responsible for perpetuating the stereotypes of niggas with their piss poor writing and development of black actors. Tyler will probably be great at running a studio but he should really give it up to being a writer and producing his own content for black folk. Let other black creatives shine.

  6. I tune in for the ensemble cast of delicious men but the editing and script along with the storyline of both shows is so dated. I had no issue with the acting. But as long as the men get on their and look sexy, I’m fine.

  7. Didnt like seeing the white man hit the sister so changed it but I like sistas the men on there are lit Tyler knows how to pic them indeed

  8. Similarly to the start of the Haves and the Haves Nots, I was not pleased at all with the acting, but I hope it gets better with time. As always, the eye candy keeps us distracted, and that is just what Tyler wants lol. The storylines are good though.

  9. I hope all of you who keep tuning in to these terrible Tyler Perry shows “hoping they get better” or for the hot black men realize that you’re giving these shows ratings and therefore not giving them any incentive to get better or hire good writers, because you keep supporting subpar content regardless. You can see hot black men all over social media. You don’t have to keep supporting trash ass television shows to see them

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