6 thoughts on “lil yachty in this dress and kitten heels got some males triggered

  1. The manosphere is rapidly becoming irritating. No wonder other demographic groups see people of color as homophobic. You cant stan for Madea and hate black gay men at the same time. The video is satire and nobody sacrificed their manhood to make this video.

  2. It’s always the so call straight guy’s Homophobia/
    Down Low that shit goes together

  3. NEXT……..aint that surround! “WE” already know what’s up…with that whole scene AND the haters…nun to see here…They all fukkin…DAYUM!!

  4. The crazy shit is Martin is every black males favorite tv show, nobody never felt away about Martin dressing up to play Shenene or the TV show In Living Color which is one of the best but nobody said anything about Jamie Foxx as Wanda, everybody need to stop being so sensitive and just enjoy life, Damn I miss the late 90s and early 2000s, people were normal

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